Donny Anthrazit Grau Grün Decke

W140 x L240cm – 4ft 6in x 7ft 9in

100% Ungefärbte Reine Schurwolle

162.00 inkl. MwSt


Gewicht 1.350 kg

100% Reine Schurwolle


W140 x L240cm – 4ft 6in x 7ft 9in


Multi Grau | Greeh





Woolmark zertifiziert. Erfahren Sie hier mehr.

Snuggle up in the warm and cozy Donny blanket, which is made from pure new wool from the special Gotland sheep breed. The Gotland sheep breed is native to the Swedish island of Gotland and descends from two of the oldest breeds of sheep, the Karakul and the Romanov. Gotland sheep’s wool grows in long ringlets of various shades of grey, ranging from pale silver to a dark charcoal grey, almost black.

Pure wool is 100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. If you love the planet – use more yarn!

Enjoy the rich scent of lanoline

Blanket made from 100% undyed wool containing lanolin. In addition, the lanolin gives the blanket the typical wool scent that is reminiscent of nature and a rural atmosphere.


Click below for wool blanket care instructions

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To ensure your rugs last a lifetime, consider the following steps when airing, washing, drying and storing your rugs.

1. Air woolen blankets outdoors

Airing is often the best way to refresh wool blankets. Take the rug outside and shake it well before hanging it in a place with good airflow. This will loosen dust and dirt from the ceiling.

2. Brush wool blankets with a soft bristle brush

Wool blankets, like most blankets, need a touch-up from time to time, which is easily accomplished with a soft-bristled clothes brush. Lay the blanket flat on the floor and brush along the grain of the surface. This will ensure that the wool fibers are all in the same direction, remove surface dirt or stains, and smooth out the fibers of the blanket.

3. Clean liquid stains

Wool is naturally dirt and water repellent, but after a few minutes liquid will begin to soak into the fabric. To remove this liquid stain, use warm water and a mild detergent stain remover as soon as possible. Do not scrub the fabric. Instead, soak the stained area with warm water and detergent and blot with a soft cloth.

4. Wash heavily soiled wool blankets

To wash heavily soiled wool blankets, it is important to follow the care instructions on the blanket. If the label says the blanket is machine washable, the key steps to follow are running the washing machine on the wool gentle cycle, using cold water, and using only prescribed wool detergents.

5. Dry woolen blankets

The best way to dry wool blankets is to hang them flat on an outdoor clothesline to support the weight of the wet blanket. It’s also important not to hang wool blankets in direct sunlight to avoid fading and the wool drying too quickly, which can lead to coarsening of the fabric. Avoid putting rugs in the dryer as this can destroy the rug’s softness and shape.

6. Storage of blankets

Store your wool blankets in an airtight container or bag in a dark, cool place. If your home is prone to bugs, you can add some cedar shavings to the blankets, as cedar is a natural repellent for flying insects.


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