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A W 1 8 Contemporary Dual Colour Throws

A W 1 8  Contemporary Dual Colour Throws

Dual Colours

So Cosy textile designer and colourist, Rimsky Birstonas, fuses their signature baby alpaca wool throw with a modern palette of colour and neutral pairings. Marrying crimson with deep orange, and ochre with aubergine.  And neutral grey provides the context for forest green and teal. Each colour influencing the other, resulting in the most incredible depth of tone. 

Natural Greys

If all that colour is too much, they are available in light grey and charcoal grey, both paired with white and made from organic un-dyed baby alpaca wool.  

Designed in Hertfordshire and produced in Peru, expertly woven from the highest grade, ethically sourced wool. So Cosy’s soft and lustrous Emery throws provides a unique selection, that will add exceptional accent colour to your space.