5 crafty ideas to decorate your Christmas tree

5 crafty ideas to decorate your Christmas tree

Decorating your home for the festive season is a labour of love, and your Christmas tree will no doubt be the centrepiece. A tree packed full of twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments always guarantees that festive feeling.

But your Christmas tree décor should also show your personality. In fact, no two Christmas trees should be the same. Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty, so what better time to create something magical? Here, we share just five crafty ideas to decorate your Christmas tree and tell your own unique Christmas story.

1. Go alternative with your tree choice

You don’t have to stick with tradition and opt for a standard Christmas tree. You can get inventive with your tree choice and let the creativity flow from there. Hang baubles to create a floating ornamental Christmas tree, use old rolls of wrapping paper to form a tree shape, or repaint and repurpose an old ladder. Change spaces this festive season with these alternative Christmas tree ideas.

2. Bring the outside in

Autumn and winter are two stunning seasons, so why not bring more of the outside in to decorate your Christmas tree? It’s the perfect excuse to go out on a family walk, and you’ll be surprised by the beautiful things found in nature.

Green People reveals more about decorating your tree the eco-friendly way:

“Bringing nature indoors is an easy way to create an interior design that is inviting, seasonal and sustainable and, for an eco-friendly festive style, we recommend swapping glitter and tinsel for natural foliage.

If you have holly branches, berries or ivy growing in your garden you can use these to give your home an eco-friendly rustic Christmas aesthetic, just remember to wear gloves as ivy is known to cause skin irritation.”

Use natural foliage to create your very own personalised decorations and finish with some indoor LED fairy lights to add extra sparkle.

3. Live your floral fantasy

Sticking with the all-natural theme, we love the idea of bringing a floral fantasy to life. Hydrangeas, lilies, anemones and cherry blossoms are all relatively inexpensive to buy. Flowers can be spray painted and added to your Christmas tree to ensure a textural and colourful look.

4. Beautify with everyday items

Your house is certain to be a treasure trove of items that can be repurposed just in time for Christmas. You can also have lots of fun as a family adding festive touches to everyday items.

Here’s just one idea for you… In the run-up to Christmas save jars and their lids. The lids can be adorned with fabric and festive-inspired silhouettes. All you need is a glue gun and some scraps of material.

The jars can be refilled with festive themed goodies like fake snow, glitter and holly. You could even add the ingredients for your favourite hot chocolate, but be warned, you may have no decorations left by the time Christmas comes along!

5. Create a truly personal tree

There are tons of personalised DIY Christmas decorations you can make. Make your own mini photo frames and add pictures of all those who are important to you. Use the finger, hand and footprints of every family member to jazz up old baubles. Raid old board games and repurpose its pieces to add a playful twist to your Christmas tree décor. Scrabble tiles, in particular, are great for spelling out festive phrases and tidings of joy.