5 ways to wear wool during summer

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Contrary to popular belief, wool is a great fibre for all year round use. That’s right, your knitwear doesn’t have to be reserved for the cooler autumn and winter months. It can keep you cool during warmer weather.

Merino wool in particular offers the natural breathability needed to keep your body nice and cool even when temperatures climb. Fibres mimic your body’s natural cooling mechanism to evaporate moisture and cool you down.

Here the experts at Temperature Master explain more about the cooling capabilities of this natural wonder:

“Breathability is one of the main characteristics of wool in general. It’s also common to many other textiles.

However, because wool is a natural fiber, the fiber structure means it can absorb around 35% of its own weight in water before it feels wet. With such capacity to absorb moisture, wool can keep the heat and humidity levels in the area between it and your skin cooler for longer.”

The wicking power of wool means it’s a great choice for bedding from season to season too. But let’s focus on your wool wardrobe with these top five ways to wear wool this summer…#

1. A chic cover up for cool summer evenings

Even if temperatures climb during the day, come evening, you may be feeling a little cool. This is where a chic wool cover up will come in handy.

Thanks to its lightweight nature, an alpaca or merino wool cover up will be the perfect thing to pack if you intend to stay up late.

It’s also incredibly comfortable so you can enjoy that cosy feeling all evening long – whether you need to wrap up indoors or out.

2. An extra layer for outdoor adventures

Wool is a great layer to wear or take along with you on outdoor excursions. If the great British weather is as unpredictable as it usually is this summer, outdoor adventures could be plighted with fluctuating temperatures.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to carry/pack, the breathable nature of a thin wool layer means odours don’t cling to its fibres.

With this in mind, your wool garment can be used time and time again, even when subjected to more strenuous activities.

3. Great protection for blustery but bright days out

The sun may be shining but it looks a little blustery out there, which can make picking the perfect outfit even more tricky.

As well as applying plenty of sunscreen, be sure to take along a light merino wool cardigan or cover up, especially if you are wearing cotton.

Cotton doesn’t offer much protection from the sun, and the harmful UVA and UVB rays that the sun emits can still damage skin on overcast days.

But don’t worry, merino wool’s sun protection qualities are twice as effective when protecting your skin from the sun than cotton.

4. Get back to business in wool

Wool suits are super chic and like the other wool garments in your wardrobe shouldn’t be reserved for winter.

Summer weight wool suits are breathable, lightweight and made for warmer weather. They offer excellent moisture control to keep you even cooler and odour-free, even if you are a bit sweaty due to rising temperatures.

When choosing a wool suit for summer, opt for an unlined product. Polyester linings can minimise the moisture wicking abilities of wool. Colour wise, go for lighter shades as darker colours absorb the sun’s heat more readily.

5. Wrap up your little ones too

Light wool garments are great for all the family, including the littlest members of your clan. Light wool cardigans and cover ups are great choices for children, especially little ones with sensitive skin, hay fever, and other allergies.

Merino wool products are light, comforting, and hypoallergenic. They’re also easier to care for than you think, making them a low maintenance clothing choice when laundry levels rise during the school holidays!

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