7 things we love about summer

bee and the flowers

Summer is such a wonderful season, and after months of lockdown, its brilliance is even more apparent.

Whether the great British weather holds up or not, exploring nature’s wonders is something everyone should do during the summer months. There is, after all, a lot to love, here we reveal just seven things we adore about summer.

1. Buzzing bumblebees

Bumblebees are a sure-fire sign of summer and a familiar sight across parks, woodland, orchards, meadows, and even in our own backyards.

Unbeknown to most, these fuzzy flying insects have such an important role to play in maintaining our delicate ecosystem. Bees not only pollinate trees and flowers to ensure vital habitats for our wildlife, but they also pollinate the food we eat too.

Unfortunately, bees both in the UK and the rest of the world are under threat, with habitat loss, pesticide use, climate change, and various parasites and diseases causing a sharp decline in populations in recent years.

Keep bees buzzing by giving them a helping hand in your own garden this summer with this advice from Woodland Trust:

“One of the easiest ways to help out bees is by planting lots of bee-friendly flowers in your garden. Bees favour a wide range of flowering plants, including foxglove, birdsfoot trefoil and red clover, which you can grow easily with our seed ball bee mix. Simply scatter the seed balls in a location of your choice and watch them sprout!”

2. Vibrant wildflower meadows

Those iconic carpets of bluebells may have disappeared for one year, but there’s a new seasonal wonder on the block.

Wildflower meadows are a beautiful sight to behold and they’re at their best during the summer months. Like the UK’s bee population, however, wildflower meadows are in decline. A BBC Earth study revealed that 97% of this species-rich grassland has been lost since the 1930s.

While work is being done to conserve and grow wildflower meadows once more, there’s no better time to experience Britain’s meadowland, especially as National Meadows Day is celebrated in July. These meadows are rich, diverse, beautiful and humming with life, just visit them with care by keeping to the paths at the edges of the fields.

3. Light summer breezes

Nothing beats that summer breeze; it’s synonymous with this season and absolutely invigorating. We may not be blessed with round the clock sunshine in the UK but a nice breezy, sunny day spent on the beach, splashing around in the paddling pool in your back garden, or lazing on a sun lounger is pretty close to perfection.

4. Barefoot walks

Summer is full of simple pleasures, and walking barefoot on the grass is as good as simple pleasures get.

The cooling, natural feel of the blades between your toes is utterly relaxing. It’s also the perfect excuse to give your mower a rest and let your lawn grow a little bit more, which will work wonders for wildlife.

5. Long days

After the short, gloomy days of winter, adjusting to the long, bright days of summer is a real joy. These longer days impact us more than many think.

The extra hours of daylight have been proven to have a profoundly positive effect on our moods. People generally feel more energised, happy and enthusiastic, so embrace this summer feeling and do something great this season!

6. Fantastic thunderstorms

Hot, humid weather doesn’t come without its thunderstorms, but far from being a cause of despair, a good summer thunderstorm is something to enjoy.

The smell and sound of a summer thunderstorm are like no other, plus it’s an impressive natural spectacle. Read some very interesting facts about lightning to feed your fascination further.

7. Alfresco feasting

Taking advantage of the summer weather is a must, and there’s no better way to do just that than with a bit of alfresco dining. Take your family meal outside to the patio or pack a picnic and head somewhere off the beaten track to celebrate this blissful season outdoors.