A guide to layering – just in time for winter!

A guide to layering – just in time for winter!

With the weather growing colder by the minute, most people will be digging out their winter warmers. We personally love winter wear, it gives us an excuse to don our alpaca wool scarves and shawls, and get super cosy.

But with the coldest winter in three decades predicted to hit our shores this year, it could take more than our favourite woolly jumper to keep us toasty. Layering could, however, provide the answer.

Layering isn’t just for outdoor pursuits. Layering principles should be applied to everyday winter wear so you can face the coldest season as comfortably as possible.

There are a number of layering tricks you can use to look great and beat the cold. Here we offer our top tips for layering for winter adventures and everyday wear.

Choose the perfect base

Your base layer is vital to the entire ensemble. As the softest, warmest, strongest, and lightest fibre on the planet, alpaca wool is the first choice. Alpaca wool is five times warmer than merino wool. It provides unrivalled water resistance when compared to other natural fleeces as MNN.com details:

“Like wool, alpaca fibre is water-resistant, but it can wick away moisture because of its unique ability to mimic cotton in moisture regain. These attributes are what make alpaca feel lighter than wool but warmer than cotton in cool and damp climates.”

Merino wool can also be used but due to its hypoallergenic properties, alpaca fleece is a natural choice for those with sensitive skin.

Layering tips

Add a breathable mid-layer

Keeping warm and cosy, even in the harshest climates, isn’t about rocking the biggest coat and the thickest layers you can find. Layering with breathable fabrics is more effective and provides the option to adapt your ensemble to changing temperatures or activities.

The mid-layer is an important addition. A fleece or a lightweight down is preferred, particularly on very cold days.

Finish with a windproof outer layer

Your choice of outer shell helps to seal in the heat that you’ve so carefully curated courtesy of your base and mid-layers. While these layers are designed to keep you warm, the outer layer is there to protect you from all the winter weather has to throw at you. This outer layer must be windproof, waterproof, durable and breathable.

People using layering to participate in outdoor pursuits may want to opt for a Gore-Tex membrane, which is guaranteed to keep you dry and is tested for adventure.

People layering for every day have style to think about too. Topping your base and mid-layer with a chic rain mac, duster, or other full-length coat designs will upgrade your layer game for the new season, and keep you stylishly comfortable during winter and beyond.

Layering tips

Don’t forget to accessorise

Whilst people layering for outdoor adventures will make more practical accessory choices, those layering for everyday wear can experiment a little more.

Our alpaca wool scarves, shawls and hats are stylish and insulating, allowing you to look super chic and keep warm this winter. Most are available in eye-catching designs, while traditionalists will love our timeless colour options.

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