It’s official! We’re now a member of the International Alpaca Association

Alpaca Association Certificate

We have some very exciting news to share. We recently became a member of the International Alpaca Association (IAA), and we couldn’t be happier!

This private, not-for-profit organisation shares many of the same values that we hold dear at So Cosy. Since 1984, the IAA has been proudly promoting and protecting the image of the alpaca and all the lovely products that alpaca fibre makes possible, and we can’t wait for our products to wear their renowned Alpaca Mark with pride.

Two Alpacas

The important work of the IAA

Set up as a result of an initiative started by the Peruvian Government, the IAA – or the Asociación Internacional de la Alpaca (AIA) as they are also known – has been working hard to process and market the now famous alpaca fibre for the last 38 years.

Thanks to the work of the IAA, customers like you can enjoy all the perks of this incredible fibre courtesy of the highest quality products. The IAA works closely with individuals and organisations throughout the value chain, including breeders, industrialists, garment-makers, traders, designers, and brands like us.

Feeling alpaca fur

Proud to wear the IAA’s Alpaca Mark

Their Alpaca Mark is a key part of their commitment to upholding the values that are important to the IAA and its members.

Both the IAA’s Origin (for items containing 100% alpaca wool) and Blend (for products containing a minimum of 30% alpaca wool of any grade) symbols can be seen across a number of high-quality, ethically sourced products.

Products sporting their signature Alpaca Mark promise sustainable industry growth as well as a long list of benefits that you can reap in your home, throughout your wardrobe and on the go. We’ll let the IAA explain more about the power and reach of its Alpaca Mark:

“Being the oldest collective symbol in the sector, the ALPACA MARK is well placed nationally and worldwide. It is registered in 30 different countries including European Union members and others which comprise the world’s principal textile markets – such as Italy, Japan, Peru, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.”

Alpaca cuddle

We’re a member of The Campaign for Wool too

Our membership to the IAA isn’t our first. We’re a member and proud supporter of The Campaign for Wool too. The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative that actively raises awareness about the benefits of this extraordinary, all-natural fibre.

Launched in 2010, The Campaign for Wool quickly caught the attention of members of the wool industry. With the help of their patron His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the campaign has continued to educate consumers about the advantages of wool and its many, many uses from season to season.

We’re now a part of an international community of wool growers, major fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers, artisans, and interior designers.

Discover exactly how we earned our memberships to the International Alpaca Association and The Campaign for Wool by browsing our collection of beautiful, natural, ethical and ever cosy homewares.