Best autumn interiors for 2021

Autumn interiors

With the autumn equinox behind us, there’s a new season to celebrate! Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and nature’s most marvellous moment.

The changing colours and falling leaves synonymous with autumn make for quite the spectacle, and this beauty and the wider magic of the season has the power to influence how we live our lives.

Our wardrobes in particular are influenced heavily by the seasonal shift we experience during autumn. Our clothing gets a little warmer, colour choices get a little richer, and textures become sumptuously softer. Our home interiors can also be designed and accessorised to compliment this stunning season.

Let us talk you through the best autumn interiors for 2021 so you can experience the beauty of the season from every angle.

Down to earth shades that scream autumn

Earthy tones are always ‘in’ once autumn arrives, with the changing colours of the leaves the only inspiration you need to transform every room of your home. But it’s not just browns and beiges that should feature in your autumn-inspired interior.

Russet, maroon red, burgundy, and rusty orange are all autumnal colours that pack a punch and add vibrancy to any space.

Our Paprika Eco Rug is a fabulous choice for your autumn interior. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic and can be used inside or out, so you get to enjoy a beautiful, machine washable, hardwearing look that’ll last for many seasons to come.

Jewel tones to make your space sparkle

Another popular colour trend this autumn is jewel tones. Autumn-inspired colour schemes don’t have to be drab, they can be as colourful as you want them to be whilst embodying the spirit of the season.

Our Emery Cushion offers the perfect way to include nature and a majestic jewel tone in your home. Its 100% baby alpaca wool design uses forest green and undyed grey wool to provide a cosy companion that’ll see you through autumn, winter and beyond.

Grey interior

Touchable softness to warm things up

With the weather getting colder by the day, now’s a time when many of us will be cranking up our central heating to near tropical levels and doubling up our duvets to keep out the chill. There is however only one bedspread you need to keep you warm and cosy all autumn and winter long.

The Didrik Bedspread is handcrafted from 100% undyed pure new wool, and perfectly demonstrates the wonders of wool in the bedroom. We’ll let the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) explain more about the amazing benefits of sleeping in wool:

“Wool is a brilliant fibre for both bedding and sleepwear because of its natural wicking ability, regulating the body’s temperature and allowing for deeper, longer sleep. Research conducted at the University of Sydney has shown that wool sleepwear can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep, and reduces fragmented sleeping.”

The neutral brown and cream colour combination, paired with a timeless diamond design makes our Didrik Bedspread a real winner this autumn. it’s a true classic that’ll keep on giving as an extra layer during the cooler months and a standalone, statement piece once summer rolls around.

A nod to all things natural

Here at So Cosy, it goes without saying that we love the natural things in life. Along with the use of wool and recycled plastics in your home, you can support sustainability further by reaching for our Laurie Throw.

Seen here in natural taupe, its beautifully weighted, textured, breathable and sumptuously soft design will be appreciated in any space, whether you’re looking for extra comfort this autumn in your bedroom, living room, snug, or outdoor entertaining area.

Linen is earth-friendly, kind to skin, anti-allergy and super strong – what’s not to love?

Find all the autumn interiors inspiration you need by shopping our collection today.

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