Breathe easy with alpaca wool

Breathe easy with alpaca wool

Here at the House of So Cosy we love our alpaca wool for so many reasons. The humble and utterly charming alpaca produces one of the softest and most sustainable natural fibres on the planet.

Who knew the harsh environment of the Peruvian Andes could be home to something so luxurious? As well as being sumptuous, warm, lightweight and durable, its hypoallergenic qualities and breathability make it the first choice for those looking to breathe easy.

In this blog post, we explore alpaca wool’s breathable qualities, and how it can enhance comfort and health in one fell swoop.

Sensitive skin or allergies? No problem!

Those with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies may have avoided using wool in their wardrobes or homes. But this simply shouldn’t be the case. It’s been difficult to shake the longstanding and wrong misconception that alpaca wool is irritable to the skin. Thanks to its hypoallergenic nature, alpaca wool keeps allergens at bay making it suitable for all skin types and conditions. Even people allergic to sheep wool look to alpaca fibres as a safe alternative, eKnitting Stitches explains why:

“Unlike, sheep’s wool, Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin. Lanolin is the natural grease that sheep produce to keep their fleece waterproof. Which, unfortunately, can to some people give an allergic reaction. This lack of lanolin, therefore, makes the alpaca fibre safe to wear for those of us with skin allergies.”

The smooth and silky structure of alpaca wool fibres ensures no risk of irritation for people with sensitive skin. Alpacas are also raised in their natural, chemical-free habitat, another factor that makes it the purest, softest, kindest and healthiest natural fibre on the planet.

Alpaca wool benefits

What about asthma sufferers?

Alpaca wool is highly breathable, which makes it the perfect option for people suffering from asthma and respiratory allergies. Asthma in particular causes a number of troubling symptoms, such as shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. Your choice of bedspread or blanket could make all the difference in easing breathing issues at night.

Alpaca wool is extremely breathable, with the crimped, hollow fibres that make up the fleece packed tightly together to create air pockets. These air pockets work to absorb and release moisture without affecting thermal comfort. Alpaca wool’s ability to absorb without letting it condense ensures excellent breathability from season to season. With this in mind, your alpaca wool bedspread or blanket can keep you warm when temperatures drop and cool when temperatures climb.

Ready to shop?

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