Changing Spaces With Cushions

Changing Spaces With Cushions

It is the simple things in life that bring joy, and here at the House of So Cosy, one of those simple things is to create cosy hideaways that we never want to leave. Whether that’s at home, in the studio or on the road in our caravan. We do this by layering blankets, throws and wool cushions to add texture, colour, pattern and comfort to our interior spaces. Cushions are comparatively a smaller detail within a room, but they are in no doubt mighty. A few carefully chosen cushions can breathe new life into a space and completely change the feel in an instant. They can transform a tired sofa or tie together a colour scheme, and offer an easy effortless way to keep up with latest interior trends. And with our unique range of eco friendly cushions created with upcycled materials, they can even help save the planet too!

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Our ethos focuses on high quality items that are both stylish and practical. Cushions are fun and lovely to look at and to feel, but they also serve an important function – comfort. A good cushion can be squished into a shape to provide excellent support to the body whilst sitting or lying down. So Cosy cushions such as our luxurious grey and cream cushions are woven from softest organic wools. They keep cool in the Summer and are cosy and insulating in the Winter. Each cushion comes ready filled with duck feather pads that give plenty of natural support. Plump, easy to care for and made to last.

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When selecting your cushions, identify your design style. Think what will suit your space, reflect your personality, and the stories of the people who live there. There are so many cushions available now, in all variety of fabrics, finishes and styles. Including art cushions, colour block cushions, plain and patterned cushions, handcrafted and reversible cushions.

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Born of appreciation for natural aesthetics, we at So Cosy are known for our ability to combine the soft tactile nature of exquisite luxury wools with stylish paired back textile design.

Our throws and cushions are timeless and understated yet have big impact,  creating unique interior spaces that are warming, calming and harmonious.

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Aside from making the best sofa companion to have and to hold, cushions are an economical way to change a space. They soften up your sofa, armchair or bed. They cosy up window seats, benches or outside spaces. Floor cushions can transform spare spaces into a seating areas and big cushions on big chairs make a real statement. Have fun playing with shapes and sizes.

Layer up with different textures and tones to give depth. Mix and match with your favourite throw and refresh your interiors to suit the season.