The New Comfort – How to make your home a haven

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With spring in sight, now’s certainly the time to appreciate the cosy calm of winter. Those dark winter days, after all, aren’t all bad, they give us the perfect excuse to cosy up at home with zero chance of being impacted by FOMO (or ‘fear of missing out’).

During the colder months, in particular, our homes have to serve as sanctuaries. They should be havens that give us the confidence and comfort to forget about the outside world.

If your home, however, isn’t the haven it should be, you’ll want to read our top tips for creating a comforting home you truly deserve this season. So forget hygge, this is the new comfort.

Just add texture

Texture can define that overall feeling of the home. Humans are by nature compelled to touch things, and your home should be the place where you’re most comfortable to display this tactile behaviour.

Homes by Esh explains more about the importance of texture within the home, and why in many respects it plays an equally as vital role as colour:

“While colour is undoubtedly important, it’s not the only important factor involved in interior design. Texture is arguably equally important when it comes to determining the look and feel of your living space.

While colours give you an immediate sense of space, textures provide the depth that encourages continued interest and enjoyment.”

Fill your home with touchable items that sport interesting, reassuring textures. Our Lima Hand Crochet Cushion is the perfect addition to any living space or reading nook, with its 100% baby alpaca wool back, alpaca, and lambswool mix front, and complex crochet work giving you lots of different textures to play with.

Up the warmth

Warmth can be created through various interior design tips and tricks but sometimes the most obvious method is the most rewarding.

Crank up the warmth with a well-placed blanket or throw, it’ll keep you comfortable whatever weather those final weeks of winter bring.

Our 100% undyed pure new wool Donny Throw provides a subtle pop of colour that will suit any home décor scheme as well as a super-soft and luxurious cocoon to cuddle up in.

An extra layer of cosiness can also be added to any room with the hanging of thick, thermally lined curtains.

The same warmth can be experienced in the bedroom thanks to our wool bedspreads. They’re the secret to the best night’s sleep not just during winter but all year round, delivering exceptional comfort thanks to their all-natural temperature regulating abilities.

Light the way

Celebrating comfort comes down to more than just cosy home accessories. The ambience of the room and wider home will exude a soothing vibe that will be felt by all who live in it.

Your lighting has a major part to play in creating a comforting calm throughout the home and should complement the season with its softness.

Fairy or globe lights, candles and burners, and dimmable light fixtures are go-to lighting options that will enhance the cosiness of your space.

Indulge all the senses

So we’ve satisfied your senses of touch and sight but what about your sense of smell? The power of scent is undeniable.

Certain aromas have even been scientifically proven to boost happiness and actively reduce stress.

Find a scent you love (these calming natural scents have been top rated to promote that feeling of relaxation), infuse your home and unwind in your very own space.

Fill your space

What’s comforting to you may not be the same comfort to another individual, which is why personalising your space is the key to success.

Use your interior scheme to create a homage to you, filling empty walls and shelves with the things you adore.

Framed photos of those closest to you, arty prints you find beautiful, and even original works designed by your children all have a place in your cosy space.

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