Why dad dressing is the hottest menswear trend for 2021

Dad fashion

We’re all about saying “no” to fast fashion and building a timelessly stylish wardrobe for the long term, but there’s one 2021 trend that we couldn’t ignore!

Dad dressing is becoming big news on the high fashion scene, and it’s starting to filter down into high street trends to cement what spring/summer 2021 will look like for men.

While the net was once filled with blogs about, “How not to dress like your dad.” Now, it’s full of articles on how dads everywhere are shaping the style rules, with fabulous results.

Dad style is so in vogue

Dad fashion is no new trend. Whilst dads the world over have been relentlessly rocking their ‘unique’ looks for as long as we can remember, it’s been on the high fashion scene for a few years now.

The latest fashion shows have meant that dad fashion is making a comeback for another year in quite a big way!

A legion of dedicated celebrity followers and fashion favourites are also making dad fashion trend-worthy, with even younger stars, like former One Direction singer Harry Styles, embracing these old school looks.

It’s all about old school staples

One thing that the dads of yesteryear nailed with confidence were those old school staples. So, what staples would you need to invest in to capture 2021’s hottest menswear trend in all its glory?

Dad style is dictating both day and night looks. Smart suits provide dad-approved, chic classics for evening wear. Whilst stonewashed (not ripped or distressed) jeans; boxy, buttoned-up shirts; and tucked in, oversized tees are the call of the day among the most on-trend individuals. Hawaiian shirts, sandals with suits, and clunky trainers are also in – thanks to the influence of dad style.

There’s one old school staple that sums up the trend, however – the classic diamond jumper. Those looking for the best of both worlds as we roll into the warmer months could opt for this very stylish, dad influenced alternative as Stylecaster explains:

“Sweater vests have slowly but surely been coming back in style, and this look from Colleen Allen’s collection confirms they’re certainly not the stuffy, old-school staple they once were.

To update the sweater vest for 2021, go for a fun colour or layer it up in unexpected ways—or both.”

From the classic cable knit to a colourful, stripy number, there are tons of stylish sweater vests to choose from.

Dad dressing is here to stay

Dad dressing has slowly but surely been gaining popularity. Whilst 2021 is predicted to be its peak, the old school staples of the trend can harbour that timeless elegance depending on the styles or shades you opt for.

The materials used to craft the vast majority of these pieces also have this enduring beauty that could see you into autumn/winter 2021 and beyond.

Take those classic diamond jumpers and sweater vests as examples. These woollen wonders are built to last according to the Global Wardrobe Study, with items made from wool mainstays in modern wardrobes.

Dressing like dad has never been so cool, here are some classic dad trends to get you started.

Images: Dario Pena / Shutterstock.com, Belish / Shutterstock.com