10 fantastic reasons to invest in a baby alpaca wool blanket

Luxury baby alpaca wool blankets

We are so proud to work with the best that the natural world has to offer. The wonderful and characterful creatures we obtain our eco-friendly fibres from really are the stars of the show alongside the artisans and independent producers we collaborate with. When it comes to these stars, the prize for the cutest often goes to our beautiful baby alpacas.

As well as being extremely adorable, baby alpacas are responsible for producing one of the softest wool types around. But, that isn’t the only reason to love this stunning fibre as you’ll discover below…

1. It’s super luxurious

While not the most luxurious natural fibre on the planet – that goes to Vicuña, which is more expensive than gold due to its rarity and fineness – baby alpaca wool is certainly up there! Despite its name however, what makes it luxurious isn’t the common misconception that it is sourced from newborn alpacas as LoveCrafts details:

“Unlike the name suggests, baby alpaca wool is less about the age of the alpaca and more about where the baby alpaca wool comes from. The baby alpaca fiber comes from the underside of the neck. This is where you’ll find the softest, finest fleece with a cashmere-like feel. It is likely that it comes from younger alpacas, but not necessarily babies!”

Generally sourced during the first shearing from that super soft underside, baby alpaca wool is rarer and more valuable as a result. Just think of it in a similar way to the first pressing of olive oil!

2. It’s so sustainable

Like many wool types, baby alpaca wool is gentle on the environment. As well as the process used to produce and harvest wool being particularly low impact, the wool itself is biodegradable. This means it can be returned to the earth long after it’s been used as a home accessory or another repurposed item.

3. It’s all-natural

This one really needs no explanation! Baby alpaca wool is as natural as it gets, and thanks to the So Cosy difference, it goes through very little treatment or chemical intervention to produce the fabulous, subtly coloured homewares you welcome into your very own space.

4. It’s ethical

The fibres used to craft all our products, including our baby alpaca wool blankets, have all been responsibly sourced. As a result, they’re ethical, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Fibres are sourced and worked with care and respect for all, including our beautiful wool producers and the people we partner with to create our iconic designs.

5. It’s hypoallergenic

Baby alpaca wool is well known and much loved for helping individuals breathe easier. It’s hypoallergenic by nature, meaning if you suffer from sensitive skin, asthma or allergies, you can enjoy this fibre as much as the next person.

6. It’s easy to maintain

Maintenance is another task that is made easier with baby alpaca soft furnishings. With minimal pilling and a dirt repellent nature, baby alpaca wool blankets need very little upkeep to stay looking great and feeling super soft.

Spot cleaning and deodorising keeps baby alpaca wool in tip top condition, and when the time does come to give your blanket a good wash, normal hair shampoo or a specialist delicate wash is all you’ll need.

7. It’s naturally stain resistant

Keeping your baby alpaca wool blanket or throw clean is also made simpler thanks to its natural stain resistance. This is made possible by the wax-like secretions that alpacas produce, which provide a protective coating that continues to safeguard fibres from staining and discolouration over time.

8. It’s super warm

Despite being known for its lighter weight, the silky softness of alpaca wool is undeniable. The ultra-fine, hollow fibres that make up our baby alpaca wool products are fantastic insulators, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

9. It’s surprisingly durable

The structure of the baby alpaca fleece makes it durable and hard-wearing too. While more delicate than regular alpaca wool, baby alpaca wool blankets and throws can last a lifetime with the right care

10. It’s oh so cosy

Once you touch baby alpaca wool, you’ll see exactly why it is considered more luxurious and superior. It isn’t just soft but silky soft, providing a warmth, comfort and cosiness that you can cherish from season to season, not just during the cooler months.

Ready to experience all the perks of baby alpaca wool for yourself? Shop our baby alpaca wool blankets today.