5 thoroughly entertaining Easter craft projects you have to try

Wool at easter

There’s nothing more satisfying than undertaking (and of course completing) a themed craft project. With Easter fast approaching, there’s endless inspiration for people wanting to get creative and enjoy some Easter fun.

Whether you’re calling on craft skills you’ve already mastered or trying something new, the following Easter craft projects are certain to keep you thoroughly entertained!

1. The Easter wreath

Easter wreaths are now just as commonplace as Christmas wreaths but you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing a shop-bought design.

Thanks to this Easter wreath project from Where the Smiles Have Been you can create a colourful, eye-catching display that will be admired by all as well as make use of leftover wool to ensure a simple, sustainable and stylish wreath design.

Wrap your recycled plastic, wood or Styrofoam Easter eggs in your chosen yarn. Use a mixture of shades and sizes to create a truly unique look before arranging your wool-covered eggs and other Easter touches (butterflies, bunnies, carrots, ribbons, faux grass, and faux and real flowers all look great on Easter wreaths) onto your wreath ring.

2. The Easter bunting

If you’re planning a get together this Easter, there’s no better way to prepare your space and add a touch of fun than with some themed bunting.

This DIY bunny and carrot bunting design from The Savvy Sparrow is super cute and easy to make. Again you can use scraps of wool and twine to craft a unique Easter look. The design even uses moss covered eggs to cement that feeling of nature in the home this Easter.

3. The Easter utensil holder

Continue the back-to-nature theme by adding these crafty utensil holders to your Easter table. Using burlap and paint, you can create a fun, fuss-free utensil holder in just a few simple steps.

Whilst this project puts the Easter bunny at the centre of the design, you can be as creative as you like with your DIY utensil holders. You could even craft different designs for each of your guests to personalise your Easter table further.

Easter decor

4. The Easter vase

Upcycled and utterly adorable, this DIY recycled Easter bunny vase provides a quick and satisfying craft win as well as the perfect place to display those stunning springtime blooms.

All you need is a jar, chalk paint, acrylic paint and a bit of imagination to create an Easter themed vase. This project is particularly family-friendly, which means everyone can get involved in creating their own unique designs.

5. The felted Easter eggs

It’s no secret that we love a wool felting project! Wool felting is a traditional pastime that has made quite the comeback in recent years thanks to its many therapeutic benefits as Into the Wild Wood explains:

“The process of felting requires focus and concentration, so it has an inbuilt meditative quality. This tends to bring a peaceful, calming atmosphere to the group as they work… The quality of wool is that it is tactile and soft, with a comforting smell, whilst the colours of the wool are vibrant and uplifting.”

With its increasing popularity comes a never-ending supply of wool felting projects, including this needle felted Easter egg tutorial.

New to felting? You’ll want to read our beginner’s guide to wool felting to get started.