Easy ways to go meat free

Easy ways to go meat free

Here at the House of So Cosy, we love all things natural. But going au naturel should extend beyond what you wear and how you furnish your home. Your diet is one thing that will benefit from a few natural touches and going meat-free – even if you are a diehard meat-eater – can unlock a number of benefits.

As well as being more compassionate, limiting meat and upping the vegetable content of your diet is great for your health. Diets with less meat help to fight diabetes, lower cholesterol and even protect against cancer as Healthy Food explains:

“In the UK, more than one in three of us develop some form of cancer, but reducing our intake of red and processed meats (the UK government recommends we eat no more than 500g cooked red meat each week) could prevent up to 40% of cancers.”

Going meat-free every once in a while has also helped individuals feel fuller, reduce calorie intake and save money. A meat-free diet has a profound effect on our moods, with research showing that vegetarians are generally more happier than meat-eaters. Going meat-free is easier (and tastier) than you think. Just take a look at our top tips for incorporating more vegetables and less meat into your diet.

Plan ahead

There are so many exciting vegetarian recipes to explore. But understanding what ingredients to buy to create these meat-free wonders isn’t easy, especially if the meat is a steadfast part of your diet.

Develop a weekly meal plan to make shopping for all your veggies simple. We recommend starting with just one meat-free day per week and increasing the number of meat-free days overtime to ease yourself into a healthy, all-natural diet. You don’t have to give up meat completely. Many meat-free enthusiasts just cut out red meat, replacing it with chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs.

Get everyone involved

Everyone deserves to feel the benefits of going meat-free so get all the household involved in your mission to eat less meat and more vegetables. There are countless family favourites that contain no meat, and each offers a tasty and healthy option that people of all ages can enjoy.

Even classic dishes can receive a meat-free makeover. Just take a look at these all too familiar vegetarian recipes. As you’ll see you can enjoy shepherd’s pie, lasagne, spaghetti Bolognese, curry, pie, and chilli without the meat.

Keep it balanced

Making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need minus the meat is important. Many vegetarians and vegans struggle to do this. With a little research, you can make sure all the food groups are covered with every meal.

Meat is known for being a vital source of iron, but your iron levels don’t have to suffer if you choose to go meat-free. Leafy greens, tahini, lentils, and nuts are all rich in iron and can spice up vegetarian dishes no-end.

Including good fats in your meat-free mains is also essential. Extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and avocados are just some of the ingredients that contain the healthy unsaturated fat that you need.

Be inspired

Experimenting with vegetarian and vegan food is thrilling, and with more and more people joining the meat-free movement, there’s more inspiration out there than ever before.

The net is packed full of delicious meat-free recipes that you just have to try. With Christmas coming up, you could also add one of the many great vegetarian cookbooks available to your gift list. Explore the treasure trove that is vegetarian cooking, and create tasty dish after tasty dish at home.