The best eco-friendly Christmas gifts of 2021

Ecofriendly gifts

Christmas is almost here, which means gift buying is on many people’s agenda as we hurtle towards the festive season at a rapid pace. Whether you have just a few more presents to tick off your list or you’re just getting started, purchasing gifts that put the planet first is a priority for most.

Purchasing eco-friendly gifts may be just one part of having an ethical Christmas but, as Humble Beach explains, it can make a huge difference to the environment and to your own wellbeing:

“Even though giving common luxury gifts often leaves a sense of temporary satisfaction, purchasing the best eco-friendly gift provides some permanent psychological benefits. Being mindful of what you’re gifting goes beyond choosing items that reduce waste; supporting small businesses and brands that give back is another way to shop and gift consciously. Now it’s time to feel better because you’re doing something remarkable!”

Buying a present that doesn’t cost the Earth is simple with our guide to the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts of 2021…

A cosy wool blanket

Cosy cuddles for Christmas

A cosy wool blanket or throw is the perfect way to show that special someone that you care this Christmas. Choosing one of our luxurious blankets is great for the planet too, with the wool fibres most of our designs are crafted from ticking many boxes in terms of eco-friendliness.

Thanks to its all-natural, renewable nature, wool is eco-friendly and sustainable. The production process causes minimal harm to the environment, whilst the waste products it produces (such as lanolin) can be used elsewhere in other products.

Shop our wool blankets and throws here.

The storage basket

Homeware from So Cosy

Give the gift of more storage this Christmas by browsing our selection of storage baskets. Available in a range of timeless designs and made from luxurious, sustainable, organic fibres – like jute, abaca and hogla – these baskets look great in any room of the home.

An upcycled cushion

Give your loved ones all they need to furnish their homes with love and minimal environmental impact by shopping our upcycled cushions for Christmas gift inspiration.

Our Woolmark certified Limited Edition Denis Cushion is a particularly stylish, contemporary design. Handmade from high-grade, ethically-sourced Gotland wool and grey upcycled denim cotton, this cushion is cool, cosy and conscious.

The Christmas candle

A great stocking filler, a beautiful addition to any home, and an eco-friendly gift, our Christmas Candles excel on all fronts!

They’ve been lovingly crafted in Lithuania and handmade from pure beeswax from local farmers before making their way to your loved one’s home. They also use 100% cotton wicks.

Our Christmas Candles are as natural as they get. They are non-toxic and contain no artificial colour or scent they’re as nature intended!

You can shop our full range of candles and candle holders here.

Gift ideas

Wooden kitchen accessories

Made from reclaimed wood and sporting a classically chic natural brown shade, our wooden kitchen accessories will make great gifts for that foodie in your life. You’ll find everything from coffee and kitchen spoons, salt and pepper cups, and cutting boards to trays, nibble bowls and plates right here at So Cosy.

Shop our full collection today to find all the eco-friendly gift inspiration you need.