Here’s why we’re adding more nature to the home

Nature in the home

During a season where nature is at its blooming best, most of us are more inspired than ever to integrate natural goodness into the spaces we call home. While, here at So Cosy, we specialise in designing, crafting and sharing the pieces that put all-natural, sustainable and ethical fibres first, infusing living nature into your interiors is a fantastic option for so many reasons.

A recent study revealed the true scale of the rising popularity of houseplants in the UK. As a nation, we spent some £6.1 billion on plants in a single year, with the average Brit splurging £306.71 annually on houseplants! That’s why we thought now would be an excellent time to explore the many benefits of introducing more greenery into the home, so why should you embrace plant life indoors this spring?

They’re truly inspirational for interiors

Letting nature inspire our homes is a pastime many of us have indulged in for as long as we can remember. Today’s interiors blend in with their surroundings seamlessly, providing an artistry that’s not just pleasing to the eye but a joy to be around.

You don’t have to bust the budget creating a new age eco-home to let the outdoors in however! An earthy colour scheme and the simple addition of a houseplant is all you need to connect with the peacefulness that nature can bring.

They’re actually good for your health

We all know that getting outdoors more is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. But, did you know that owning, caring for and simply being around houseplants can work wonders for your health too? The Conversation explains more about the health benefits of enjoying plant life indoors:

“Research has linked houseplants to reduced stress, lower blood pressure and an improved state of mind. And office environments with plants have been associated with higher job satisfaction and reduced health complaints. Houseplants make us feel good due to our inherent desire to connect with nature, and because we consider the green colours of most houseplants to be calming. Adding just a single plant can brighten up a dull space and boost your mood.”

Whether opting for a weeping fig, an aptly named mother-in-law’s tongue, spider plant, cactus, prayer plant, or palm, a well-placed houseplant could be your ticket to unlocking tranquillity, positivity and creativity.

They could take you closer to that promotion

Yes, really! While the quote above touched briefly on the benefits of houseplants in the workplace, it didn’t do it justice.

Plants have been found to boost productivity by as much as 12%, with the simple presence of a plant enough to inspire employees to work harder, faster and more creatively. Workplaces with more plant life also experienced less absenteeism on average. Imagine what they could do in your home!

They’re great for the planet too

A houseplant is great for our environment and the wider planet. They not only beautify rooms in an instant but boost indoor air quality, which is particularly important if you live in a city and/or the place you call home is where you live and work.

With improved air quality, you get to breathe a little easier. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why houseplants have been fixtures in sealed spacecraft since the 1980s.

They’re the perfect accessories

Houseplants are the perfect accompaniments to our beautiful, all-natural homewares and accessories, as well as the inspiration behind many of our designs.

Take our brand new Dakota range as an example. These 100% Merino wool cushions and coordinating throws are available in three, nature-inspired colours, including grey, green and blue. Whatever earthy hue takes your fancy, these stunning soft furnishings are ready and waiting to be snuggled from season to season.

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