Everything about Alpacas

Everything about Alpacas

If you happened to meet us, you know just how passionate we are about natural wool. Its warmth, its softness, its durability… the list could go on for a long time. That’s why we want to start sharing bits of our knowledge (and passion!) about from where and what animals our products come from.

This month we’re all about the Peruvian Alpaca. Equally famous for its silky smooth fleece and funky hairstyles.

The origins

Alpacas are the domesticated version of vicuñas, the wild South American ruminants found living high up in the Andes mountains. Their domestication began as far as 6000 years ago and Inca nobles would show off their wealth by the number of alpacas they owned.

Although the two distinct breeds and colors of alpacas have been bred in Peru in 1940s, they have been mostly only domestically popular until recently.


The animals

Alpacas are smart, social and curious creatures alongside with being easily trainable making them quite a trendy pet worldwide. Having used to living in a mountain environment with scarce food they are well adapted to live on hay and grass. One of their most interesting habits is the humming like sound used to communicate with other herd members. They can also spit for up to 5 meters when distressed!

Growing alpaca also leaves a small environmental footprint, given that they are very efficient digesters and live in mountainous areas.


The fleece

The hair of alpaca is called “fleece” rather than wool or fur because of the incredibly soft, silky fibers it is made of. Alpacas come in an extremely wide range of 22 colors, ranging from silver white to a variety of beige and charcoal black. There is a good reason why alpacas have been bred for their fleece for well over 6000 years: it is softer than angora and cashmere, warmer and lighter than any type of wool and it never becomes itchy. Moreover, alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic, extremely strong and doesn’t bubble as it woven from longer fibers.

old alpaca comp

Our Alpaca products

Our baby alpaca blankets and throws are extremely soft and durable and come in many different designs all using natural wool colors. Also available mixed by half with either Fine Merino or Lamb wool for extra thickness and plushness, they can add a touch of luxury and warmth to any room. Pets (if allowed) will also find these throws greatly comfortable, at least our Mickey sure loves them.

alpaca combo
alpaca multi combo

Our Baby Alpaca products

Baby alpaca products arguably show the best qualities of all natural fibers, a truly magnificent work of nature. All of our baby alpaca products come from the first shearing of the animal. Just imagine, out of 30 years the alpacas live, only once they can supply this glorious fleece. It is the lightest, warmest, more durable and the best breathing. It also has a luxurious smooth feel to it, making it extremely comfortable against the skin. Make sure to check out our gorgeous baby alpaca throwsshawls and scarves in So Cosy shop.