Extending your space into the garden

Garden living space

With summer here, everyone will want to make the most of the great outdoors, and it all begins in your own backyard. During the warmer months, the garden can provide an extra and rather enchanting living space for you, your family and visitors to enjoy.

The season may be well underway but there’s still time to make the improvements you need to bring the indoors out and enjoy summer in style.

Give your space a little lift

To integrate successfully and become a true extension of your living space, your garden has to be welcoming. Thankfully, it takes very little time and expense to spruce your space up.

Start by giving garden furniture a lick of paint to achieve an instant lift. Decorate tables and window sills with potted foliage, and keep on top of garden maintenance tasks like mowing, feeding, planting, weeding and pruning to craft a space that’s a joy to spend time in.

Excite all the senses

If you plan to entertain during those glorious summer evenings, don’t let your planting efforts go to waste! Incorporate night-scented flowers into your scheme to excite the senses and provide a beautiful display for your guests.

Create zones in your garden

Whether starting from scratch with a garden overhaul or tidying things up, zoning your garden is an effective and simple way to ensure a setup that reflects the beauty and utility of the home.

Be experimental with your seating by providing multiple options throughout your garden space. You could opt for a traditional patio set in one section, whilst hanging one of our hammocks in a secluded corner of your garden.

Defining your garden zones is the tricky part, but there are many ways that you can do just that affordably and stylishly. Carefully positioned fences and partitions can be expensive. Instead, use our Eco Rugs to mark your territory.

Available in a plethora of colours as well as a timelessly elegant design, our Eco Rugs uses 100% recycled plastic to provide a hardwearing accessory that can be used either indoors or out. You can find out more about the wonderful benefits of our Eco Rugs here.

Cosy outdoor decor

Just add shade

Whilst having access to hours and hours of sunshine is one of the perks of a well-positioned garden, creating shade is the key to comfort and ultimately enjoying the best of both worlds. There are many attractive ways that you can create shade throughout your outdoor space, including parasols, planting, and roof-form trees.

For those with bigger budgets, the addition of a pergola is an excellent option that will create a stunning shaded area for the long haul as garden designer Tabi Jackson Gee explains:

“Pergolas can have heavy or light frames – both visually and literally. If you go for something sturdy but lighter then it will let more light in and won’t seem like such a big feature in a smaller garden. I often encourage clients to put their dining areas away from the house so you can be more immersed in planting when you’re eating and entertaining. These can also be used to create focal points…”

Add those homely touches

Don’t forget to accessorise your zones with our beautiful blankets and throws to up those comfort levels even more. A well-placed blanket or throw will provide all the coverage you and your guests need to enjoy your garden all night long whilst keeping those summer evening chills at bay.

Add our wool cushions to the mix to inject further colour, texture and warmth into your outdoor space.

Find all the accessories you need for that upcoming garden party or hiking adventure by shopping with us.