Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's day gift ideas

Daddy, Dada, Dad, Pa, Papa, Papi, Pop… whatever you like to call your father, next month’s holiday is a fabulous way to celebrate dads.

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought we’d share our rundown of the very best gifts so you can really show him how much you care!

The dream machine

The average new parent loses a staggering 109 minutes of sleep per night in the first year of welcoming their baby, but we’ve found the perfect gadget to make up for past sleepless nights.

Dodow is a top-rated piece of tech that’s receiving rave reviews from people all over the world. Just take a look at this review from Sleep4Beginners:

“With such a basic looking design, it is easy to assume that the Dodow is a gimmick that won’t really help with your sleep issues. However, it appears that this small device is more than meets the eye. According to the manufacturer, 76% of users have rated the Dodow at 4 out of 5 or above.”

The average customer falls asleep 2.5 times faster with this gadget by their bedside. Created by a team of insomniacs, Dodow uses three steps to promote better sleep.

With help from the device’s blue light system, you simply inhale, exhale and sleep to feel at your most relaxed – just let your body do the rest.

Looking for more dreamy dad’s day gifts? Team your Dodow with one of our wool bedspreads to help your father get the very best night’s sleep.

The ultimate alfresco accessory

With the weather warming, now’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors as a family, so why not purchase a Father’s Day gift that everyone can enjoy all summer long?

Our Picnic Roll Up Blanket is our second-generation design and subsequently the best outdoor blanket on the market in our opinion!

It’s made from high quality, ethical materials, including a 100% Pure New Wool upper side and a waterproof, British made waxed cotton ground side. The compact design also comes in an array of colours, such as seaweed, navy, mustard, and olive green.

Whether your dad is the ultimate adventurer or has a passion for alfresco dining, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Shop our roll-up picnic blankets.

The most thoughtful gift ever?

With everything digital these days, you may think the old films, negatives, VHS tapes, cassettes, and photo prints sporting just some of your many memories will be left to gather dust. Digitising these after all will take a lot of time, but that’s before iMemories came along!

Home movies and photos in any format can now be converted into digital files and viewed, stored, shared, and enjoyed across all your devices, including your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and TV.

All you have to do is pack them in an iMemories SafeShip Kit and they’ll do the rest. They’ll even enhance footage and ship back your originals. Can you think of a more thoughtful gift?

Gift ideas

The all year round must-have

Late spring to early summer is certainly a time when we’re eager to get back outdoors, even if the weather isn’t quite there yet.

Give your dad a gift he can put to good use during those chillier evenings in your backyard by presenting him with our stunning Dag Throw this Father’s Day.

With its sophisticated geometric design, charming tobacco colour and super cosy 100% Pure New Wool material, it’ll be a great accessory to use when chilling around the fire pit this summer.

When temperatures do get too low to bear, he can then retire inside with his Dag Throw and snuggle up in his favourite armchair.

The crafty taste sensation

If your dad is a big beer lover, why not give him the chance to discover his next favourite tipple with an HonestBrew Beer Subscription.

Your dad will receive the newest and best selection of handpicked pale, dark, lager, and IPAs every month.

As well as giving your dad the opportunity to explore the craft beer scene like never before, you’ll also get to support independent craft breweries at a time when they need it most.

Because every dad needs socks!

No Father’s Day would be complete without a sock purchase, but instead of grabbing any old pair, go for the best of the best.

Our Hand Knitted Socks are crafted from 100% Merino wool making them not just great house and bed socks but a fantastic accessory to wear when taking on his favourite rambling route.

Merino wool is naturally insulating and antibacterial, so your dad’s tootsies will feel comfortable, warm and fresh wherever his day takes him.

Image: 4 PM production / Shutterstock.com, Elena Schweitzer / Shutterstock.com