Gift ideas every eco warrior will adore

Gift ideas every eco warrior will adore

Everyone has their part to play in helping the planet. As well as recycling all we can and purchasing responsibly sourced homewares and accessories from people like us, choosing the right gifts this Christmas can make a huge difference. Christmas, after all, may be a time of indulgence, but it doesn’t mean the environment has to suffer.

More people are making eco-conscious gift choices, and with ideas like the following, you don’t have to choose between the planet and the perfect present. Discover the gifts every eco-warrior will adore and get your Christmas shopping done long before the festive rush.

A backpack with a difference

Choosing an item that the recipient will use time and time again is definitely the way to go, a fact that makes backpacks and other bags Christmas favourites.

Rareform is one backpack designer that has caught our eye for all the right reasons this festive season. Their bags aren’t just super trendy, they’re super sustainable too. Each design is made from an old billboard to create a cool look.

Something homely, cosy and sustainable

We couldn’t provide a rundown of our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas without mentioning our alpaca and lambswool throws. Alpaca wool is a great investment for so many reasons – here’s more information about why you should choose alpaca wool.

Our throws not only look and feel luxurious, but they’re also great for the planet. All the wool used to handcraft our throws has been responsibly sourced. The fibres are ethical, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. They’re also sumptuously smooth, making them the perfect addition to the home this winter. Shop our range of throws here.

Plastic-free kitchen essentials

Sticking with the home theme is a great idea for Christmas, and as the heart of the home, buying something for the kitchen is highly recommended. Limiting plastic use is important for the environment so what better way to do that than by buying a set of bamboo cooking utensils.

Made from a natural and beautiful material, bamboo utensils work wonderfully in modern-day kitchens. Most designs are dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly. They’re also gentler on pots and pans than more commonly used metal and plastic accessories.

Eco-friendly tech accessories

Your gadgets can receive an environmentally friendly makeover and these phone cases from Pela are the perfect eco-conscious stocking filler. It’s the world’s first 100% compostable and biodegradable phone case, and it’s paving the way for a plastic-free planet.

According to Pela, the 528,112 phone cases they’ve sold to date have stopped over 290,461 pounds of plastic from being produced. Pela also sells a zero-waste screen protector to protect your tech and the planet further.

The eco phone case isn’t just great for the planet, it’s sturdy, durable, smooth, soft and stylish. Pela phone cases are available for iPhone and Android models.

Don’t forget the wrapping paper!

Keeping your carefully chosen, eco-friendly gifts a secret until Christmas day isn’t easy. That’s one of the reasons why we spend a small fortune on wrapping paper every Christmas. With a bit of creative thinking however, you can gift wrap the eco way.

As well as selecting recycled and recyclable wrapping paper, you can use brown paper, old newspapers and magazines to sustainably wrap your presents. Reusing old fabric is another option as Metro’s eco-friendly gift wrapping guide explains:

“Got old Christmas tablecloths lying around the house? Christmas tea towels? Feel like making the most of the kitsch Christmas patterns in your local fabric shop? Wrap your presents in it! Secure it by tying a knot as a bow, or by using eco twine (see the end of the article) or cut-up fabric as ribbon. Just ensure you get the fabric back to use again if the recipient doesn’t plan to use it.”

With your gifts and wrapping paper sorted all that’s left to say is “Merry Christmas” from the House of So Cosy!