Going green with your interior

While wool and its use in your wardrobe and around the home, will always be timelessly stylish, we can’t help but love the latest interior colour trend.

Using the colour green around the home was popular in 2019 and we’re pleased to say that it’s an interior design trend that isn’t going away for 2020.

Green is the colour of nature, and with spring officially here, now is the perfect time to use your home décor to reconnect with the great outdoors. As well as helping you to bring the outside in, many shades of green (particularly soft greens like mint and sage) add extra cosiness to the home. It was also found to be one of the most peaceful and calming home décor colours.

In this blog post, we offer our top tips for going green with your home interior, whether you’re looking to introduce just a touch or go the whole hog with a complete colour scheme transformation.

Go bold or timeless with your walls

Create a more natural feel in any room of your home by giving walls a fresh lick of paint. Muted green tones work best when creating timeless colour schemes, particularly when pairing them with creamy, neutral shades.

Those looking to make a statement in their home can also go bold with their choice of green. Dark greens are moody, interesting, and very chic. They look great with other vibrant colours like hot pink and gold too.

Add touches of green with the right accessories

Green is an extremely versatile colour choice for walls, but it’s not always suitable for smaller spaces. Opting for a neutral colour on your walls can ensure that light, bright, and spacious look and feel. But this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate this year’s hottest interior colour trend.

Accessorising with green is a great way to jazz up neutral colour schemes, with even the smallest green details making a huge impact. In the kitchen, our mint jute range (which includes placemats, baskets, and rugs) is a great way to add a splash of green and plenty of texture.

In the bedroom and lounge, our 100% baby alpaca wool, British racing green Emma throw will add a bold but classic touch. Those looking for a more muted green scheme will love our pure wool, apple green, and cream Dani Herringbone blankets.

Embrace plant life in every room

As the ultimate green accessory, houseplants add great touches to nature inspired interiors. Adding greenery to rooms around your home unlocks some excellent advantages for your health too as Homedit explains:

“Because they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, plants can help to purify the air in your home. Houseplants can remove volatile organic compounds like those that come from cigarette smoke, vinyl, grocery bags, and other common household items.

Studies have also shown that plants can speed recovery time for certain conditions, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits.”

Just like wool, houseplants are eternally stylish. They can be incorporated into your home in a number of ways. Hang your plants from your wall using wire grids and S-hooks to make a statement, use a sunny windowsill to grow an indoor herb garden, or brighten up a disused corner with some fabulous foliage in a trendy plant pot.