Our guide to living more naturally

live naturally

The New Year is upon us, which means a fresh start and a flurry of new resolutions to live our lives by. Choosing a New Year’s resolution that’s worth achieving and attainable is a challenge that most face. At So Cosy, we have a resolution that will benefit you and the planet in the most positive way.

Nature is a beautiful thing, and appreciating it is more than just admiring the outdoor spaces that are stunning from season to season. Nature can be used ethically and sustainably to your advantage in every part of your life.

It can influence everything from what to wear to what to eat to unlock some pretty impressive plus-points.

Discover how you can live more naturally throughout 2021, and how each nature-loving move will help you embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle in the months ahead.

Keep your diet fresh and natural

You don’t have to go raw to enjoy the benefits of a nourishing, fresh and largely plant-based diet.

Just a few tweaks to your eating regime can help you embrace a diet that’s in tune with nature, your body and the planet, and it all starts with going organic as Urban Naturale details:

“Choose organic foods as much as possible. Many of today’s foods contain toxins such as synthetic hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Pesticides, growth hormones and other toxins found in non-organic foods can lead to illness and disease. Recent research suggests that organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than their non-organic counterparts.”

By choosing a healthy, natural, nutrient-rich diet you can embrace many health benefits as well as a better, more satisfying taste.

Utilising whole ingredients that have to be cooked from scratch, instead of unhealthy processed foods is fun too and you’ll be more creative in the kitchen than ever.

Do your weekly shop locally

Those looking for whole ingredients that are fresher than the rest should avoid their supermarket and head to local food producers. Independent food retailers, farm shops, and farmers’ markets offer a great route to keeping your larder fully stocked the natural way.

By buying local, you’ll also be supporting your community and enjoying produce that is fresher, more environmentally friendly (produce grown locally has a lower carbon footprint) and more natural.

With spring coming up, now is the perfect time to think about growing your own. Producing your own food is a thrilling experience that we’d recommend to anyone.

Whether you have a window box to work with or space for a full-scale veggie patch, this hobby will yield plenty of delicious rewards.

Buy less and waste less

Christmas may be over, but our love for consumerism is an all-year-round affair. By changing your consumer habits and questioning, “Do I really need this?”, you can save money and the environment.

The UK and the rest of the world has a huge waste problem that just won’t go away. Plastic waste is particularly prevalent. Plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose, as a result, it’s an issue that’s going to stay with us for generations.

By changing your shopping habits, purchasing items that are designed for the long haul and ditching the disposables, you’re pledging to minimise your contribution to the world’s waste problem.

Update your home naturally

If you do want to update your home or wardrobe, do it the natural way. Choose sustainable, natural materials like wool and jute to keep your home on-trend and eco-friendly.

These timelessly stylish materials last a long time and when they do need to be disposed of are fully biodegradable.

Wool, in particular, is also great for your health, especially at this time of year, with dry skin relieved with wool wear.

Ditch the car and get moving

Getting outdoors in nature unlocks some fantastic advantages for your health and wellbeing. While it’s not always possible to ditch the car, walking or cycling as often as you can will reduce your impact on the planet, and improve your mental and physical health no-end.

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