Up the comfort at home with a knee blanket

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, with lockdown, other restrictions and the rise of remote working resulting in us spending more time than ever at home over the last 12 months.

While this time at home has seen a surge in DIY – 56% focused on home improvements during lockdown according to this survey – many of us have also invested in the home comforts that turn our abodes into the warm, cosy places they should be.

While blankets have always been popular, the knee blanket is one home accessory that’s been gaining popularity pretty quickly during this time.

There’s been a huge amount of online searches for knee blankets in recent months. Here we take a closer look at this rising home trend.

Introducing the knee blanket

As the name suggests, knee blankets are blankets and throws that are used to cover the knees.

They’re usually not as large as regular throws and blankets. Their compact size makes knee blankets the perfect dimensions for making a baby or pet feel extra comfy when they come to you for some cuddles.

A great way to winterise your home, knee blankets can be useful in every room. They can be used at the ends of beds, in reading nooks and on your favourite chair, as well as when you’re out and about on your travels.

With their growing popularity also comes a wider choice of designs. Gone are the dowdy tartan knee blankets more commonly associated with comforting older people in their armchairs.

Modern-day knee blankets are available in a diverse range of colours and patterns, and in the highest quality, natural materials.

Knee blankets – why wool is always best

As we mentioned knee blankets can be found in a plethora of materials, but there’s on fibre that reigns supreme – wool.

A wool blanket unlocks many perks, its cosiness is unrivalled, and so too is its durability. Wool is super safe, which means your wool knee blanket can be used to comfort every member of the family, including newborn babies and the tiniest of fur-kids!

When using your knee blanket during travel, you could just realise another, lesser-known health benefit as Wool Lifestyle details:

“First, a wool blanket can be a lifesaver if you ever get stuck in your car during cold temperatures or snow… The second reason for keeping a wool blanket in the car is to reduce car sickness of any passenger.

Especially new cars release a lot of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can make us feel sick in our car. Wool, however, absorbs these VOCs and therefore improves the air quality inside our cars.”

In the home, wool knee blankets can help you breathe easier thanks to their naturally hypoallergenic nature.

You’ll also sleep better with wool’s natural temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking qualities god-sends.

Enjoying wool

Our top knee blanket picks

Regardless of whether you call them knee blankets, baby blankets or pet blankets, our compact alpaca and lambswool mix products provide supreme softness to whoever you intend to comfort.

Warm those knees in style with our neutral brown knee blanket complete with timeless pattern. Go monochrome to complement your modern home décor with our green knee blanket with natural white fringing.

Those looking to use their knee blanket in the nursery or find the perfect gift for a new parent in their lives will love our pink baby blanket.

These blankets are the perfect accompaniment to any nursery and are ideal for comforting baby during those nighttime feeds.

They can also be used in the cot, buggy, car seat, or as a comfy base for those daytime naps and snuggles.

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