The hottest home trends with heart

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During the past year or so, the vast majority of us have spent more time in our homes than ever. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic turned life upside down but also did the same to our homes. During lockdown, more and more people pledged time to finishing the DIY jobs that they’ve put off and adding personality to those forgotten spaces.

If home improvement was on your agenda, you may have discovered that the whole process of hitting refresh on your home can be rather cathartic.

It also offers the chance to overhaul our décor thoughtfully, with the latest home trends not just giving an insight into our personalities but helping us to do our bit for the bigger picture.

Sustainability reigns supreme on the interior design scene, and 2021 presents a whole host of inspiring, planet-friendly trends to embrace wholeheartedly.

Here we take a look at the best sustainable home decor trends of the year so you can create a space that supports you and the world around us.

Less is certainly more

Lagom was huge last year, and it’s set to be even bigger throughout 2021. The polar opposite of hygge, Swedish lifestyle trend lagom puts sustainability first with less certainly more when it comes to achieving peace and harmony within the home.

We’ll let award-winning interior design practice HollandGreen explain more about lagom’s link with sustainability:

“Lagom calls for designs that use high-quality furnishings, using as many sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials as possible, such as wood, reclaimed metals, precast concrete, cotton, linen, ceramics and bamboo.

It’s about making decisions based on the provenance of materials, together with a sensibility of their impact on the environment and their durability and timelessness into the future.”

Nature’s never wasteful

Creating an extension of the great outdoors in your very own home is one thing that brings us all great comfort, especially as our time outside is rather limited due to the current national lockdown. But embracing nature at its best isn’t about filling your home with houseplants.

Choosing natural fibres to decorate your home ensures an eco-friendly approach and a beautiful neutral tone that never goes out of fashion. Jute, in particular, is a great way to go, with its fast-growing nature making it more environmentally friendly than cotton.

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For home and health

The health of the planet is, of course, important, but what about the wellbeing of those a little closer to home?

Choosing natural textiles that support your family and the wider planet is vital, and achieving this is so much simpler than it seems.

Using wool throughout the home courtesy of wool blankets and throws, cushions, and bedspreads is another route to avoiding the use of synthetic materials that clog up the world’s landfill sites.

Wool is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial amongst other things to guarantee the best choice for your home and your health.

Reclaim to renew

Reclaimed wood is still very much on-trend, which will work wonders for your home décor, your carbon footprint and your bank balance.

Reclaimed wood furnishings and accessories are sustainable interior design choices that are naturally beautiful and easy to maintain. They’re completely carbon-neutral too.

The timeless, neutral shades reclaimed furniture pieces are known to sport also add warmth to any colour scheme and look great for the long haul.

Reclaimed pieces work well with pretty much any shade so if you’re looking to change things up later down the line, you can do just that without forking out for new furnishings.

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