How to shop more consciously

Slow fashion

With a new season comes a whole host of new fashion trends to inspire your next looks. Whether you’re looking to give your work wardrobe a modern twist, update your everyday wear, or invest in a few pieces to spruce up your occasionwear collection, spring/summer 2022 trends offer plenty of ideas to play with.

In an age where fast fashion, unfortunately, reigns supreme, however, our planet is taking the hit for our love of the latest trends.

Textile waste, CO2 emissions, water pollution and unsafe working environments are all fast fashion problems that our world and our communities are better off without. But how can you help, not hinder, our fight against fast fashion whilst still looking good and feeling great about your clothing choices?

We share our top tips for staying sustainable and on-trend just in time for the new season.

Fall in love with fashion all over again

Digging out the clothing items and accessories that defined your look a few seasons ago will help you refresh your wardrobe without putting a burden on the planet.

If some items are looking past their prime, don’t worry! You can use our refashioning tips to give the statement pieces that you love a second life.

Natural fibres

Choose your materials wisely

If you do need to purchase new items, remember it’s not just about choosing the look. The fibres that make up the item need to be selected just as carefully, and as you’ll discover not all fibres are created equal.

When comparing man-made and natural, there really is only one winner. Natural fibres like alpaca wool, lambswool, merino wool and linen not only look and feel better, they last longer and are eco-friendlier thanks to their renewable natures.

By choosing clothing and accessories crafted from natural materials instead of synthetic, you’ll be shopping more consciously to improve the life of your wardrobe and help the planet.

Care for your clothes more consciously

Once you have the pieces that will see you through the season, it’s time to care for them properly. Thanks to its natural odour, stain and crease resistance, clothing and accessories made from natural materials can be washed less often.

Washing your clothes too often uses an extraordinary amount of water as EcoParent describes:

“Think about it this way: the average high-efficiency washer uses anywhere from 15-30 gallons for one load. A regular efficiency washer uses anywhere from 29-45 gallons. If a family of four does eight loads a week (which is pretty conservative), they will have used anywhere from 120 gallons to 360 gallons of water in one week! And that’s just laundry!! I think we can do better than that!”

Doing less laundry means you use less water, electricity and laundry products. You’ll also save lots of time and money. Clothes will last longer if you care for them correctly and choose spot cleaning over full washing too.

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