How to wash and dry wool blankets

wool blanket

One of the many reasons we love wearing and accessorising with wool is its timeless look and its almost maintenance-free upkeep.

Thanks to its breathability, odour resistance, and stain repellent nature, wool doesn’t need to be washed as often as people think. Wool fibres even have the amazing ability to absorb and purify pollutants, making them fuss-free fibre that benefits the home and your health.

There will of course come a time when your wool blankets and accessories need a good wash to stay in tip-top condition. We’ll let Love Your Clothes explain more about how to time your wool wash just right:

“Washing wool too frequently can wear out the fabric, making it lose its shape and/or making it felt, thus shortening its life. So only wash wool when it really needs it! Try spot cleaning stains instead of washing the whole garment – ensure you do this as soon as you can after the stain has happened.”

If now’s the time to freshen up the wool blankets that make your home a haven, you’ll want to read our dos and don’ts for washing and drying. With these tips, you can keep a luxury blanket, like our pink and grey throw in pure merino wool, looking its best for life!

DO remove stains straight away

When maintaining your wool blanket, prevention is better than cure. This is especially true when handling stains.

Wool has the advantage with liquid stains thanks to its repellent nature. If stains aren’t treated in the first few minutes or so, however, even the highest quality wool can fall victim.

Prevent liquid stains from soaking in and taking root deep within your wool bedspreads and blankets by removing them with a mixture of warm water and detergent right away. Try not to scrub the fibres, instead blot for a gentle, wool-friendly spot clean.

Wool blankets

DON’T always opt for a full-blown wash

With wool, a full-blown wash isn’t always necessary. In fact, in most cases, a simple spot clean will do the trick.

A must-have accessory for proud owners of wool blankets is a soft-bristled garment brush – you’ll find a rundown of the best clothes brushes here. With a garment brush, you can remove soiling and stains as well as smooth wool fibres to perfection.

You can also use our Clothing and Shoe Mist Spray to freshen up your wool blankets and other wool garments. This formulation from Steamery is made for the most delicate fibres, including wool and silk. Simply spritz with mist to refresh wool blankets, and remove and prevent unwanted aromas.

DO wash when heavily soiled

As we touched on in the introduction, timing is everything when washing your wool blankets. If your blanket becomes heavily soiled, you should follow the care instructions on the label to wash your blanket just the way it deserves to be washed. Most wool blankets are machine washable, but be sure to take it easy.

Always use the wool cycle and invest in a wool-specific detergent – just like our Wool and Silk Delicate Wash – to cleanse and nourish the gentle way.

DON’T forget to support your blanket when drying

Letting your wool blanket dry naturally is the best option after a full wash or spot clean. When air drying, hang your blanket as flat as possible to maintain its shape ensuring its weight is properly supported.

You should also dry your blanket away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Keep it even further away from excessive heat to stop your blanket from drying too fast and maintain that touchable softness.

DO take advantage of those dry winter days

The cooler seasons aren’t exactly the ideal time to hang washing outside. But on select days when wintry weather conditions are favourable, you should certainly take full advantage!

There’s no better way to dry your laundry, particularly if you’ve just given your wool blanket a once over. Whether you’ve just completed a thorough wash or indulged in a spot clean, shake and air outdoors.