Battling dry skin this winter? Here’s why wool is the answer!

wool and skin

There’s so much more to wool than simply staying warm and cosy. Unbeknown to most, wool isn’t the itchy, uncomfortable wear that it’s made out to be.

This all-natural, utterly indulgent fibre is so kind to skin it can be worn and used by eczema sufferers and people with other sensitive skin conditions to achieve great results.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the effects of wool on skin health at a time of year where skin is at its driest.

It not only prevents eczema, it treats it!

Eczema is a particularly common skin condition that causes sufferers a great deal of discomfort.

Eczema causes the skin to become itchy, dry and cracked, and long term, chronic symptoms tend to be experienced by people of all ages.

Eczema flare-ups are even more uncomfortable, with symptoms becoming more severe. The resulting visibly-irritated skin generally needs help from powerful steroids to get eczema under control once again.

Alongside emollients, ointments, and steroid creams, eczema symptoms can be eased by dressing in and using natural fibres.

As well as cotton, wool was found to not only relieve symptoms but treat skin conditions like eczema, particularly in children and young people. Here Medical Xpress explains more:

“Wool fibres come in a range of diameters and the superfine wool garments used in the study did not cause irritation and were well tolerated by patients.

The researchers found when children switched to wool after wearing cotton, they showed a significant decrease in eczema severity whereas eczema worsened when those wore wool changed to cotton.”

There has been further research – including this study – that’s debunked the myth of wool irritation and proved that wool is actually beneficial for people with eczema and other skin conditions.

It’s an excellent temperature regulator

Winter is a time when many eczema sufferers see their usual manageable symptoms exacerbated.

The dry, cold conditions that go hand-in-hand with the winter season, along with the increased use of central heating that makes our homes hotter and more humid, means the skin of people with eczema certainly suffers.

Thanks to its breathability and excellent temperature regulating qualities, wool is the perfect way to stabilise humidity levels indoors and keep the dry, cold air at bay outdoors.

Merino wool is particularly effective for eczema sufferers. Its amazing ability to absorb and release moisture – twice as much as cotton and 30 times as much as polyester – makes Merino wool a great buffer for the skin.

By wearing Merino wool, your skin can enjoy a microclimate that’s better suited to alleviating dry skin conditions.

It’s allergen free and wearable for all

Wool is a great wear and accessory for all. Its gentle nature means even wool bedspreads and throws can be used by people with all skin types and conditions.

Wool is not an allergen, its large fibres prevent the prickling that encourages irritation and itching.

It’ll leave you fresher than ever

As well as leaving your skin soft and supple, wool’s high odour sorption levels will leave you fresher than ever.

Wool has been proven to lower or completely eliminate body odour, especially when compared with polyester.

Wool’s odour reducing qualities has seen its use as activewear explode. Those taking on a winter hike this season can enjoy excellent odour resistance, breathability, moisture-wicking, and comfort in the most extreme environments as a result.

Ready to unlock even better skin with wool? Introduce our wool throws, blankets and bedding to your home and enjoy the wonders of wool this winter and beyond.

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