7 genius ideas for refashioning wool items that are well past their prime

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Even though many of you share our love for sustainable fibres, fast fashion continues to dominate wardrobes around the world. In fact, according to these eye-opening fast fashion statistics, clothing production has doubled since 2000, whilst the garment usage lifetime of clothing has decreased by some 36%!

The urge to buy cheaply and new is bigger than ever, especially with Christmas just around the corner and our spending at its highest. But with a few tips and tricks, you don’t have to waste your money on new clobber and home accessories and put more pressure on the planet.

As OneGreenPlanet reveals, the impact that clothes production has on the environment is a bigger issue than most people think:

“Reusing and repurposing doesn’t create pollution. Rather, items are made useful as they are, and we get to move on without causing any further issues for the planet. This is especially true for items, like clothing, that come at a great environmental expense (The cotton industry is rough on the planet, as is petroleum-based stuff and timber.)”

In this blog post, we share seven genius ideas for refashioning wool items, hacks that will give your favourite pieces and accessories the second life they deserve, save you money, and save the planet a whole lot of hassle not just now but in the future.

1. A pair of mittens

With winter here, there’s no better way to repurpose an old wool jumper or pair of woollen socks than by transforming them into a pair of mittens.

Wool mittens offer a timeless texture, design and style that’s always in fashion, and they’re pretty simple to make, whether you have access to a sewing machine or good, old fashioned needle and thread.

Here A Beautiful Mess provides a no-fuss, three-step guide to making your own mittens. You could also go for a fingerless design if this is more to your taste.

Repurposed wool items

2. A winter hat

Why not coordinate your mittens with a matching knitted hat or slouchy beanie? If you’re using a wool jumper, you can even incorporate the hem and buttons to create a distinctly stylish design that really suits you.

3. A mug warmer

If you have a little fabric left over, crafting a mug warmer is a great way to go. Use your unique mug warmer to keep your own brews nice and toasty, or give it as a gift this Christmas – it’s a great stocking filler!

4. Boot toppers

For those of you who love the great outdoors, even when the weather isn’t its best, repurposing a holey pair of wool socks or an equally holey wool jumper or blanket into a pair of boot toppers is a fantastic idea.

Boot toppers are stylish, practical and super easy to make. They’ll keep your legs extra warm on those beautiful winter or autumn hikes, or that chilly, mid-winter school run.

5. A headband

Wrap yourself in warmth this winter by repurposing your old wool jumper or throw into a cosy headband.

Simply slice a strip of fabric from your jumper to capture the pattern or texture you adore and stitch both ends to secure. If you have some fabric spare, you could even make some matching scrunchies!

6. Mobile phone holder

During the winter months, there’s nothing worse than tapping a cold smartphone screen. Keep your tech warm and cosy all winter long by creating a mobile phone cover from an old pair of wool socks or your wool jumper.

You can make covers for travel pillows, tablets, and your knitting needle case too. The possibilities are endless.

7. Draught excluder

Make your home just as cosy as your tech and your wardrobe by repurposing your old wool items as draught excluders. Thanks to its incredible, naturally insulating properties, wool is the perfect fibre to keep the warm in and the cold out.

Before repurposing your old wool items, why not try to repair them? To get you started, here’s how to repair and darn hand-knitted socks.

Image: Kati Finell, Ira Shpiller / Shutterstock.com