The hottest (and cosiest) interior trends to expect in 2022

Interior trends

Whilst, here at So Cosy, we pride ourselves on delivering the timeless accessories that will keep your home chic and cosy for the long haul, we can’t help but love the interior trends of 2022.

Home is certainly where the heart is in the year ahead and this shows in the tactile, treasured trends that are certain to be huge hits in homes up and down the country.

Here we bring to you our rundown of the hottest and cosiest interior trends to expect in 2022.

Sustainable sensations

Sustainability matters more than ever, and our homes should take pride of place in our quest for better eco friendliness. With this in mind, you’ll find a focus on all things eco-conscious during 2022 and it’ll make our homes feel special and more authentic than ever.

We’ll let interior designer Yoselin Castro explain more about how to add a sustainable twist to any space:

“People are seeing the advantages of integrating energy-efficient products in their spaces as a way to reduce heating and lighting needs… Materials that are reclaimed, recycled, and ethically sourced will gain more attention through the years. [And] especially as the younger generations who have been heavily involved in the sustainability movement begin to buy and renovate homes for themselves.”

Give your home an eco-friendly touch or two by browsing our collections of upcycled cushions and super sustainable homewares. You can also up your home’s sustainability score by refashioning wool items to give them the second life they deserve, read our handy guide to get started.

Layering lives on

The art of layering is one that we hold dear here at So Cosy, in fact, our range of blankets, throws, and bedspreads are made for it!

Layering is big news for 2022 with neutral and warm tones creating colour palettes of the season when artfully layered together. As well as using layering to define your colour scheme, it can be used to add texture, depth and a touchably soft beauty to cosy corners and snug spaces.

Explore our range of wool blankets and throws, and find the luxury layers you need to use this trend well within your home.

Interior trends 2022

A sanctuary for sleep

2022 is the time to reclaim your bedroom and transform it with one thing in mind – relaxation. In our request for a multifunctional space – that doubles as an office and living space – during the pandemic, our bedrooms may have lost their comfort.

Recalibrate your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleep by adding mood lighting, a calming colour scheme, and layers upon layers of soothing textures.

Our bedspreads are great additions to bedrooms looking to put comfort first. Crafted from undyed pure new wool, extra-fine Merino wool or linen, these delightfully neutral designs are made for 2022.

The ‘Cottagecore’ comeback

As 2020’s biggest trend, Cottagecore was a country living style we just couldn’t miss, and it’s back for 2022.

With a theme of bringing the outside in through home décor and accessories, its use of floral prints, organic materials and natural wood can be as striking or as subtle as you like. Whatever elements of Cottagecore you add to your interior, that wholesome connection with nature offers mindful moments we all need when returning home after a chaotic day.

Want to embody the trends above in your home? Shop our collection for the cosy accessories you need to create these inspired spaces.