5 ways to make your summer super sustainable

sustainable summer

As a nation, we work hard to live as eco-friendly as we can. Our quest for a more carbon-neutral existence may be a long-running mission yet by each and every one of us doing our bit, we’re supporting the planet so it can serve many generations to come even better.

With more opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer, summer is the ideal time to rethink the everyday habits that may be putting an unnecessary burden on the planet and its resources.

Read on to discover our top tips for making your summer the most sustainable yet.

1. Be at one with nature

Whether you’re heading out to your backyard or venturing a little further afield, there’s plenty to relish in the great outdoors this summer. Connecting with nature is more important now than ever as lockdown restrictions ease and we move into the new normal with some trepidation.

Being at one with nature is extremely relaxing, so doing this more often in summer is a very good idea indeed as Mental Floss explains:

“Leaving your devices behind and heading out into nature can also be calming for more metaphysical reasons. A study by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health found that a natural environment allowed people to leave the stressors of their everyday lives behind and instead focus their minds on something more pure. By centring your mind, you can relax your body.”

Experiencing nature wholeheartedly this summer also means supporting the wild places we all cherish so our planet can thrive that little bit longer. Why not make a night of it by investing in a SingleNest Hammock?

2. Plan an eco-friendly picnic

Dining alfresco is a favourite pastime during the warmer months, yet the plastic packaging involved in packing and enjoying a picnic isn’t great for the planet. There are several ways that you can have your cake (or sandwich) and eat it without damaging the environment, however.

Using a hamper, basket or tote instead of a disposable bag to carry your picnic is a great place to start. So too is using reusable containers instead of plastic bags to store your carefully prepped picnic items.

The same eco-friendly theory applies to your picnic accessories too. Swap throwaway cups, cheap plastic utensils and paper napkins for real cutlery, fabric napkins and glassware for an elegant alfresco dining experience that’s great for the planet too.

Going meat-free with your picnic menu is another great way to up the environmentally friendly ante. Check out these great and super easy vegetarian picnic recipes for inspiration.

You’ll need somewhere comfortable to enjoy your eco-friendly picnic too. Make an equally ethical choice by exploring our range of fold away and roll up picnic blankets.

3. Support your local community

There’s never been a better time to support your local community and the independent businesses that serve it. Instead of going to a big name supermarket to stock up on your summer BBQ and picnic supplies, hit your local farmers’ market.

Local producers need your help, but that’s only one of the reasons why you should shop at a farmers’ market.

Shopping local is cheaper, you’ll enjoy fresher food, and there’s so much more to choose from. It’s also fun and convenient. Chowing down on the local, seasonal produce on offer is great for the planet too as it limits travel and pesticide use.

4. Holiday on home turf

There are so many fantastic destinations to enjoy on home turf so why bother holidaying overseas! As well as being safer and simpler (especially in terms of logistics), staycations are better for the planet.

Tourism is the fourth biggest cause of environmental pollution and CO2 production according to the EU’s Consumption and Environment Report. By avoiding plane journeys, you’ll be able to travel more sustainably this summer.

If you’re looking for an adventure on your summer staycation, you’ll want to explore our outdoor accessories.

5. Wear wool – yes, really!

Contrary to popular belief, wool is the ultimate summer must-have and it’s sustainable, ethical and cruelty free too!

Perfect for those summer nights, an alpaca shawl is an ideal accessory to keep you warm as temperatures drop. Wool’s incredible, all-natural temperature regulating abilities make it a great accessory when you’re out and about – our wool hiking socks are fantastic investments – or getting cosy in your own home.

Discover more ways to wear wool this summer right here.

Image: StockMediaSeller / Shutterstock.com