Meet The Makers – Our Ethical Fair Trade Alpaca Production in Peru

Meet The Makers

So Cosy is always inspired by the crafts and textiles of the Peruvian region. Peru with its vast cultural wealth has a long and highly developed tradition of textile production, especially using alpaca fibre that dates back ten thousand years. Cue our new range of cosy homewares, woven by hand in the highlands of The Andes using traditional handlooms and weaving techniques. Crafted from softest alpaca and lambswools with patterns that pay homage to traditional Peruvian textile design.

How & Why We Ethically Source Alpaca from Peru

All So Cosy items have honest origins and are created to have a positive impact on the planet and the people and animals that live on it. For our hand crafted collection we work closely with the same textile business that produces the alpaca yarn we use. They are a World Fair Trade Organisation based in Lima. They have major focus on sustainability and community based initiatives that actively promote fair trade business with small craft communities, including indigenous weaving communities and individual artisans working from home. All of whom carry a rich legacy of culture and hereditary skills.

They have a social commitment that is solid and consistent with the Peruvian community. Like us, they are committed to the development and preservation of Peru’s artisan techniques and materials whilst promoting equal opportunities, fair pay and good working conditions. One of the programs for example aims at motivating and educating artisanal women to earn their own income. Peru is still a male dominated society. By empowering these talented women through creating the conditions where they can balance their paid work with motherhood, they become independent and can earn a living for their families and themselves.
Which in turn provides access to a healthy living, education and healthcare.

Nazca & Puno Handloomed Blankets //
Made by weavers Santusa and her husband Valeriano. They have five children. Their aim is to provide better education and opportunities for them. They work in a community near to Ausangate mountain in the Cusco region, along with their neighbours, of which there are five weavers and five others who make the finishing details. This community has a in depth knowledge of Peruvian craft, passed down from generation to generation. By creating products together with them we can innovate without losing the ethical heritage. What a talented bunch they are!

Cusco Handloomed Blanket //
This throw is crafted by an expert weaver Jose. Jose spent thirty years working as a teacher, teaching weaving. Now he is involved in his own project. A kind, talented and forward thinking man, Jose now only works with women. He is working to change the concept that weaving is only for men. The beautiful pompoms are made by a lady called Paulina and her team of women at the yarn factory. She teaches them that they are all in this together like a family and encourages them to strive everyday to be their best. They take pride in their work and feel proud that their expertise is valued outside of Peru. Both Jose and Paulina are everyday heroes! Both actively working to improve gender equality in Peru.

Lima Hand Crocheted Cushion //
Crafted by expert crochet knitter Valentina. Valentina lives in a suburb of Lima called Jicamarca. It takes three to four hours through heavy Lima traffic for Valentina to arrive at the yarn factory offices. This is where she played an intrinsic part in creating this design for So Cosy. She now works with other artisans in her suburb to produce this beautiful cushion for us. This cushion is so detailed and clever, it takes much time and expertise to make. As well as being the highly skilled artisan that she is, Valentina is also a mother and wife and with her work she able to support her family financially. Valentina is amazing and we love her work!

Baby Alpaca Handfelted Decorations //
Handfelted by a very lovely and highly skilled artisanal family in Peru.
Three generations including grandmother, father, mother and daughter (plus a few other ladies) work from their small factory based at their home.