Merino wool – nature’s sun protection?

Merino wool benefits

Merino wool unlocks a fantastic range of benefits. Its unique and useful properties make for soft, comfortable, breathable and sustainable wear all year round, but it is during the summer months that this incredible fibre really comes into its own.

In addition to being naturally odour neutralising and resistant for freshness all summer long, its temperature and moisture regulating qualities are second to none as HikingSoul explains:

“Like we talked about above, merino wool is amazing at reducing and cutting away the moisture from your body. That means if it’s cold out the merino wool will retain the heat and stay warm, and when it’s warm out it will regulate to keep you cool. Even while doing activities that make you sweat, you’ll feel comfortable in the clothes whether it’s warm or cold out.”

Merino wool’s summer-centric benefits don’t end there. Unbeknown to most, merino wool can actually deliver a certain level of protection against the sun to improve your wellness and health further.

Why is safeguarding your skin important during summer?

Sun safety is a hot topic during the summer months, and for good reason. Without the right protection, you’ll be putting yourself at more risk of developing sunburn or dehydration. Long-term exposure can increase your chances of developing several fatal diseases, including skin cancer.

With this in mind, it is important to take the necessary steps to safeguard your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Come rain or shine, sun safety should be a priority when UV levels spike. Even in the UK, your skin can burn when it’s cloudy.

Using sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 and with a minimum of 4-star UVA protection is recommended. So too is staying in the shade during peak sunshine times, and wearing suitable clothing, sunglasses and headwear.

Can merino wool boost your sun protection this season?

When planning a protective summer wardrobe, merino wool may not automatically spring to mind. Merino wool can however provide the all-natural barrier you need against the sun’s harmful rays.

The fibre itself absorbs radiation at an incredible rate to deliver vital protection on those sunny days. Merino wool’s naturally protective nature provides UV resistance of SPF 30 or more as a rule of thumb.

Merino wool benefits

What else makes merino wool perfect for summer?

There are many features that make merino wool a great accessory during summer. It’s breathable to keep your skin comfortable, dry and fresh even as temperatures climb. Its softness also provides great comfort when using a merino wool accessory by day or donning a merino wool shawl as a cover-up come evening.

Merino wool is particularly lightweight when compared to other natural and man-made fibres making it the ideal accessory on the go. As we mentioned earlier, its temperature regulating and odour resistant qualities mean unrivalled coolness and freshness, plus straightforward and simple wool care.

What are the best merino wool accessories for summer?

Cosy up on a cool summer’s afternoon or evening with a So Cosy merino wool blanket. Made with love and crafted using the highest quality, most ethical fibres, our merino wool throws look and feel great, deliver excellent coverage, and lasts for the long haul.

If you plan on spending your summer exploring the great outdoors, our merino wool socks are the cosy, comfortable yet cooling accessories you’ve been searching for. Naturally insulating and antibacterial, no hike or bike ride would be complete without these beautiful, hand-knitted socks.

Merino wool isn’t just for those daytime adventures and chill-out sessions; retire to your boudoir and enjoy all the perks of merino wool at bedtime. Thanks to their ultra-fine fibres and temperature-regulating properties, our merino wool bedspreads are your ticket to a great night’s sleep every night!