Merino wool – the ultimate outdoor accessory?

merino wool sheep

With the weather cooling and autumn officially here, rooting out those winter woollies will be on everyone’s agenda.

There’s nothing cosier than donning a much loved wool jumper or wrapping up in your favourite wool scarf!

It’s like a warm hug, and that’s one of the many reasons why wool is a fixture in many people’s autumn or winter wardrobes.

Known for its soft, fine nature, Merino wool is a great choice not just during the colder months but all year round. It’s one of the oldest and most versatile natural fibres, and unlocks many benefits as a result making it popular in wardrobes around the world. But this woolly wonder is so much more than a stylish cover-up for everyday ensembles.

Whilst the changing weather means picnics are off the menu, maintaining an active lifestyle outside is still important for many people during autumn and winter.

Those who love spending time in the great outdoors should look to Merino wool when picking the right clothing for their adventures, here’s why.

Let your body breathe

Working up a sweat is one thing many people love to do outside, which is why Merino wool is overlooked as active wear by most.

Merino wool is the perfect workout gear, with its moisture wicking abilities able to keep you cool and, dry.

Merino wool fibres absorb moisture from the body and successfully release it into the air. They also naturally regulate your temperature to keep your body cool when it gets too hot and sweaty, and warm when temperatures drop.

Thanks to its breathability, you can also layer Merino wool to provide a versatile ensemble that’s suitable for a multitude of environments and conditions.

Stay as fresh as a daisy

Many outdoor excursions are all-day sessions, but with Merino wool outerwear you don’t have to nip home for a shower to get presentable.

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial. This means even if you get a little hot after a long day’s hike, you can still reward yourself with a refreshing drink at the local pub without attracting attention due to unpleasant odours.

Wear well for longer adventures

Merino wool is super easy to take care of. It’s also anti-wrinkle for those packing up and heading for a staycation to indulge their love of the outdoors.

Its anti-static qualities make Merino wool the perfect companion for longer adventures too as The Unconventional Route reveals:

“One final magical benefit of merino wool is that is naturally anti-static. I didn’t know this until doing research for this post, but static attracts lint and dirt and other tarnishes. That explains why, in addition to its odor- and wrinkle-lessness, I can wear merino so many days on end without having to clean it.”

Keep it comfy whatever the conditions

The unrivalled softness of Merino wool means that whatever the weather, your outdoor adventure, or the challenges you face along the way, you remain comfortable throughout. It’s actually softer than cashmere and smoother than silk, despite being durable and fire-resistant.

It’s great for year-round adventures too with its natural UV protection serving you well during the summer months. While its insulation provides comfort and warmth come autumn and winter.

Take care of the bigger picture

As well as being a great fit for you, Merino wool is also good for the planet. Your Merino wool garments are sustainably sourced and fully biodegradable. Unlike many synthetic fabrics, Merino wool actually degrades in just 12 months in the ground.

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