New year, new you: 5 healthy changes to make now

New year, new you: 5 healthy changes to make now

The New Year is the perfect time to make a few positive improvements to your lifestyle. Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around the enhancement of health and well-being. But you don’t have to commit to an expensive gym membership to discover a healthier, happier you in 2020, and beyond.

Here at So Cosy, our quest to help everyone enjoy the benefits of going all-natural extends beyond the use of natural products in the home and wardrobe. Here, we reveal the healthy changes you should make now to realise a new you this New Year.

1. Go vegan

Going meat-free, even just for one or two days a week, can unlock untold benefits for your health and well-being. A vegan or vegetarian diet can help to cut down on dangerous processed meats, prevent heart disease and other chronic conditions, and include more vitamins, minerals, and fibre in your diet.

Going meat-free is also great for the planet, especially as meat production is considered to be a leading cause of climate change according to the United Nations.

Going vegan is much easier these days, with countless exciting recipes to try at home and an even wider range of dishes to enjoy when eating out. Those with a sweet tooth will certainly be swayed by our vegan desserts.

2. Live more sustainably

Living more sustainably is a responsibility that could be embraced by all. You can make a huge difference to the planet by adding just a few sustainable touches to your lifestyle.

Reduce plastic use within your home, shop at your local farmers’ market or farm shop instead of a supermarket, and drive less by walking, cycling, or carpooling wherever possible to reduce your footprint dramatically.

3. Prioritise physical health

It’s so easy to put your physical health on the backburner, but by looking after yourself you can improve your health and happiness no-end.

Do some form of exercise every day (even walking for short distances counts), eat a balanced diet, and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

4. Look after your mind

Looking after your mental health is just as important. Like your physical health, your mental health needs to be prioritised every day, and just a few simple changes to your lifestyle will help you achieve just that.

Talking about how you’re feeling and getting the support you need when you do feel troubled or low is the first step to achieving better mental health. Concentrating on your physical health and staying active will also benefit your brain and lift your mood from day-to-day.

Meditation is a great way to give your mind the time it needs to relax and rebalance. As little as five minutes of meditation per day can ease a stressed mind. There’s a number of fantastic apps that talk you through the basics of mediation – giving you a quick route to the many benefits this ancient technique provides.

5. Use natural products

Natural products are so easily accessible, and there’s a number of reasons why you should introduce the best of nature into your home and wardrobe.

Going natural with your home accessories and clothing isn’t just great for the planet, these sustainable wonder products are beautiful, luxurious, and easy to maintain.

Our alpaca and merino wool products are great additions to your home and wardrobe. The fibres used to make our throws, blankets, shawls and scarves are super soft, lightweight, insulating, and hypoallergenic. They’re also excellent investments.

The durability of wool garments is great news for you, and even when they have fallen out of fashion, their lives can go on. Here the Global Wardrobe Study by The Woolmark Company and Nielsen explains more:

“A life long-lived – wool garments are typically kept for a long time and have a high emotional value. Donations in the UK suggest a high donation rate for wool, 3x more than wool’s share of new material use. Learn to care by repair – wool has a long history of being mended.

Breathe new life – wool’s recycling industry is 200 years old, with wool having the highest share of fibres recycled. Wool garments are easily turned into new yarns or products (both apparel and interiors) to live another life or two.”

Looking to boost your home or wardrobe’s wool content? You’re in the right place. Find out more about why you should buy from us here.