Calling all adventure seekers! New outdoorsy essentials you shouldn’t be without

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Summer is calling and is the great outdoors. Whether you’re venturing to a local green space or a little further afield, this season is no doubt the perfect time to indulge in the hikes, trips, and camping escapes that you’ve had to put on the back burner during the past year or so. And there are lots to make up for.

As self-confessed outdoorsy types, we’re always ready to take on the next adventure. In fact, we’ve just returned from hiking in Snowdonia! We’re also firm believers in being prepared, especially if your thirst for adventure takes you off the beaten track.

Our new range of outdoorsy essentials means you can be prepared for absolutely anything, as well as a fun-filled camping or hiking trip this summer.

With the weather warming and Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to showcase our brand new products.

Enjoying the outdoors

The ideal overnighter

Sleeping in nature is an exhilarating experience, but you don’t have to get down and dirty to enjoy those midsummer nights with our SingleNest® Hammock.

Available in khaki olive and red charcoal, this hammock is the ideal travel companion. The SingleNest always guarantees a great sleep, wherever you’re spending the night. It’s made from soft, breathable, fast-drying High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta making it super comfy and versatile.

It’s also extremely compact. The hammock folds neatly into an easy to carry softball-sized compression sack, which handily doubles as a storage compartment for your belongings when the hammock is in use.

The SingleNest’s triple-stitched seams mean this will be your go-to for many hikes and camping trips to come. When you’re not adventuring, it can be used in your backyard as a cosy hangout.

Adventuring outdoors

The unbreakable thermos

Staying hydrated throughout hikes long and short is of course important, as blog Glampingorcamping details:

“Staying hydrated while hiking is a process that starts before your hike. If you start your hike without enough hydration, you are sure to struggle keeping hydrated during your hike.

Once you are properly hydrated before the start of your hike, you can remain that way by carrying water bottles during short hikes and if you are on long back-country hikes or camping trips, you can use a Camelbak or water purification tablets.”

Whatever your hydrating tipple of choice, our thermal bottle (available here in foundry black) is ready for anything.

Sporting QuadVac™ Insulation and a steel-lined stopper, this 1.3-litre hiking essential keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for an extraordinarily long period.

A steaming bottle of fruit tea for instance will stay hot for 40 hours whilst a cool drink of water will stay that way for 35 hours.

The cutting edge technology this thermos uses also amazingly stays iced for up to 6 days. The design features a handy cup too to make drinking on the move extra easy and oh so enjoyable.

The classic vacuum bottle

Great for urban and outdoor adventures, this classic vacuum bottle from Stanley is a must-have this summer and beyond.

It keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 20 hours and stays iced for up to 4 days. Its stainless steel design is built to last, using rust-proof, BPA-free materials that keep it looking good and leak-free from excursion to excursion.

Again this design features a built-in cup, whilst its wide mouth makes pouring any liquid from soup and tea to water and iced beverages easy and mess-free, whatever your surroundings.

It’s super stylish too with bottles available in hammerstone green and nightfall.

Camping in the outdoors

The legendary camp mug

If you’re venturing out on a short hike, entertaining around the campfire or on the job outdoors, you may not need the capacity offered by our thermal and vacuum bottles. That’s where our Stanley camp mug comes in!

Keep drinks hot (for up to 1.5 hours), cold (up to 3 hours), or iced (up to 15 hours) wherever your day takes you. It’s stainless steel, BPA-free, and double-wall insulated, not to mention fitted with a secure press-shut Tritan™ lid for easy sipping and no spillages.

Stock up on all your outdoorsy essentials right here by shopping with us today.