5 ways to adventure smarter this August

Adventure tips

Summer is officially here, and the warmer climes provide ideal conditions for a good, old-fashioned outdoor adventure. When planning your summer outing, being prepared is of course rule number one.

Whether venturing far away from home or staying in the local area to explore, having the right supplies right there with you is the key to a successful, safe and incredible trip. Read on to discover how you can adventure smarter this August during those outdoor excursions.

1. Wear wool strategically

Wool garments and accessories aren’t just for winter. They unlock benefits all year round, including during the summer months. Due to its lightweight nature, merino wool is an excellent material as the weather warms for a long list of reasons as the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) details:

“One of the elements of summer is that it can be sweltering during the day and then noticeably cooler at night. According to The Woolmark Company, merino wool is known for its hydroscopic properties: this means that it is able to absorb and release water vapour extremely fast. This ensures that your body remains comfortable whatever the temperature may be.”

Merino wool’s natural odour resistance and UV protection offer yet more perks for those wearing wool outdoors, whether heading out on a hike or adding a touch of extra coverage for that summer wander.

Our 100% merino wool socks are made for such activities, giving you the naturally insulating, antibacterial fibres and hand-knitted softness you need to take on anything!

2. Picnic like a pro

If venturing to a sunny spot to enjoy a bit of al fresco dining is more your idea of a summer adventure, you best pack a picnic blanket.

Our foldaway and roll-up picnic blankets are the best in the business, giving you a cosy place to pitch up thanks to their Pure New Wool upper side and easy-to-clean, waterproof, Scottish-made waxed cotton underside. In addition to this, they’re made from the highest quality, ethically sourced materials, and sport convenient and easy-to-carry designs.

Discover more top tips for picnicking this summer by reading our guide to prepping the perfect picnic.

Adventure location

3. Know your terrain

If you’re heading to a new spot to kick-start your season of adventure, it is important to research your destination thoroughly, especially if you intend to explore the location’s wilder side.

With our informative and interesting Peak District Guide Book, you’ll have all the details you need to hand so you can lace up those hiking boots and explore the trail less travelled safely in one of the country’s most fantastic hiking hotspots.

4. Hang in there

Want to make your hiking trip an overnight adventure? You can do just that with a few niffy camping accessories.

The SingleNest® Hammock is the ideal travel companion for our most adventurous customers. Don’t be fooled by its softball-sized outer sack! Inside, you’ll find a luxurious, durable hammock with heavy-duty triple-stitched seams, breathable and fast drying fabric, and tough Wiregate carabiners that will leave you sitting (or even sleeping) pretty wherever you end up.

5. Keep it cool – or warm

Whether hiking, attending one of this summer’s best family-friendly festivals, picnicking or going for a day out, you need to keep yourself and your family hydrated and well fed to keep those good times rolling.

Cut the costs of your excursion by packing your own delicious food and beverages, keeping them warm or cool in our innovative stainless steel food jars, thermal bottles and vacuum-insulated camp mugs.

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