Responsibly Sourced

Responsibly Sourced

Awesome Alpaca Wool

An intrinsic and founding principal of So Cosy is to responsibly source the highest grade wools available for our blankets, throws and accessories. So with our passion for wool, especially native wools, we headed straight to the Peruvian highlands to find our alpaca fibre.

Domesticated alpacas and their camelid ancestors have roamed here freely for thousands of years. They have evolved to survive the rapidly changing environment. With super power fleeces that keep them warm and reflect uv light and soft padded feet which leave pastures undamaged and useable for years. Alpacas and the rugged landscape of the Andes Mountains have a truly symbiotic relationship.

We met with wool experts who own the Mallkini ranch in the Province of Puno. One of the first organic alpaca farms in the world, it covers over 3000 hectares of land with more that 4000 alpacas. They also work directly with small scale ranchers and their families across the land. Mostly local indigenous people for whom herding alpacas is a pastoral tradition and a major source of income.

Here the alpaca live long happy lives. They enjoy the freedom to roam in their herds and graze on natural grasses. Every Spring it is shearing time. Great care is taken to not distress the animals.

The shearers are skilled and the farm has mattresses for the alpacas to lay on. Although not keen on being gently shorn, as soon as the alpacas are free to go they are happy again. It is important to have them shorn so that they are healthy and comfortable in the warmer months.

Here is a happy place steeped in ancient legacy. A place where alpacas are closely tied to the Andean people who care and respect these animals. The alpacas are not killed for meat or fur. These ranchers collaborate to work harmoniously with nature, the environment and to preserve traditional livelihoods. This is safeguarded by only selling to mills that pay a fair price for their raw alpaca fibre. We wanted to support this. We found our source!

Peruvian alpaca wool is one of the most silky and luxurious fibres in the world. It is also one of the most ethical, being eco-friendly and cruelty-free at the same time. We elevate this noble natural fibre by weaving it into beautiful and practical throws, wraps and scarves for you to wear and use everyday. Unlike mass market items, every piece is made with love, finished by hand and intended to last.

The price of an alpaca wool textile is due to the amount of expert craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece and the rarity of the alpaca wool.

Even more rare is baby alpaca wool. This is the fleece sheared from the alpacas very first clip and is one of the finest and softest fleeces of all. Female alpacas only give birth to one offspring once a year, with the bond between them lasting a lifetime. And that is exactly our intention for you and your So Cosy woollen, that your bond is special and lasts a lifetime.