The Stanley Bottle: The hiking essential every adventurer should own

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Come rain or shine, any self-respecting hiker will be out enjoying the great outdoors in all its glory.

With summer officially here, now is the perfect time to take your quest for adventure up a notch. There are so many fabulous outdoor spaces to explore in the UK – Snowdonia National Park is one of our all-time favourites! But a great hike relies on the right accessories…

Here we introduce the hiking essential no outdoor enthusiast should be without, and it’ll see you through summer and every season after.

Introducing the Stanley Bottle

Here at So Cosy, we’re not just big fans of the outdoors, we’re a supplier of fantastic, high-quality hiking essentials, and we’ve just added a few more to our collection.

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle and the Stanley Thermal Bottle are now available right here, but how does this type of design work and stand up to the harshest environments? We’ll let Which? answer this all-important question:

“A vacuum flask manages to keep heat from coming in and out using double-walled insulation. Essentially, there is a flask within a flask and both join together at the neck.  Space in-between the two flasks creates a vacuum, as labelled above, preventing heat transfer. The wall of the inner flask is silvered to prevent heat radiation deflecting heat away from the flask.”

Our Stanley bottles use vacuum technology to provide unbeatable insulation and security for hot and cold drinks.

The vacuum bottle keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 20 hours and iced for up to 4 days. The thermal bottle goes one step further for more rugged adventurers with drinks staying cold for up to 35 hours, hot for 40 hours, and iced for an unbelievable 6 days!

Those indulging in shorter hikes may be better suited to the Stanley Camp Mug – available here in Nightfall.

You’ll be able to enjoy a steaming hot drink 1.5 hours later, whilst cold drinks will still be refreshingly cool after 3 hours. Using the more compact camp mug will also keep drinks iced for up to 15 hours.

Using a Stanley Bottle

Why choose Stanley?

With a lifetime warranty, why wouldn’t you choose Stanley as your go-to bottle and camp mug brand?

Stanley is an internationally renowned designer and manufacturer of high-quality drinkware, food storage, coolers and jugs, and camp cookware and gear. But their products speak for themselves!

The Stanley designs we stock here at So Cosy are completely leak-proof and compact enough to be easily transported wherever your latest adventure takes you. They’re also dishwasher safe and super easy to care for. The double-wall vacuum insulated design provides incredible results for all types of beverages, whether your tipple of choice is ice-cool water or a steaming cup of cocoa.

Both you and the environment can prosper thanks to the BPA-free, 18/8 stainless steel design. As well as being strong – they’re pretty much unbreakable – Stanley products ensure peak performance without plastic waste.

Our Stanley thermal and vacuum bottles come with a built-in cup to ensure comfort and ease whatever your surroundings. They’re available in a selection of classic colours too, including Foundry Black, Nightfall Blue and Hammerstone Green.

What’s so important about this essential?

Staying well-hydrated on hikes long and short shouldn’t be underestimated. Hiking is after all an activity that can push your body (and mind) to its limits.

By staying well hydrated from start to finish you can effectively regulate your body temperature, flush out troublesome toxins, improve your physical performance, and keep yourself healthy and happy so you can truly enjoy all the perks of a hiking lifestyle.

Stock up on all your hiking essentials here at So Cosy or read up about the outdoorsy supplies no adventure seeker should be without.