The best ways to store vegetables and fruits in your kitchen

Fruit baskets

Whether homegrown or shop bought, keeping produce fresh in the kitchen is a dilemma for absolutely everyone. Storing your favourite fruits and veggies the right way not only ensures you can get one step closer to that coveted five-a-day and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also vital for reducing food waste and its impact.

Food waste is a huge issue in the UK and the rest of the world, especially as Christmas approaches, and we start to overbuy food and drink. In fact, we waste 30% more food at this time of year than we do any other time.

By taking the time to reduce food waste, you can save yourself tons of money, as well as help conserve precious resources far beyond your home as Biofriendly Planet explains:

“As well as reducing pollution emitted by wasted food, lots of energy and resources are also conserved in the process. From growing crops, manufacturing, transportation, and selling of food — all of these processes consume energy and resources. When there’s less demand for food production, fewer resources are needed. And when fewer resources and energy are used, more is saved for future generations to use.”

Heading to your kitchen and tweaking your fruit and veg storage solutions now will pave the way for less food waste not just at Christmas but all year round. Discover the best ways to store vegetables and fruits in your kitchen.

Store fruit & veg

Just add jute

You know how much we adore jute here at So Cosy, and this all-natural, sustainable fibre comes in handy when storing produce in the kitchen too.

Our jute baskets are strong, durable and made for storing all types of fruits and veggies. Jute fibres are also extremely breathable allowing air to circulate around the contents within to keep produce that can’t or simply shouldn’t be stored in the fridge fresher for so much longer.

Available here in a range of shapes, styles and colours, you can find the right jute basket for your kitchen storage needs very easily indeed.

Try Abaca

Jute isn’t your only natural, sustainable veg storage option. Those looking for a more timeless, neutral look will love our lanting trays.

Handwoven from 100% Abaca, these baskets are eco-friendly storage solutions that will keep on giving wherever the latest interior design trends take you.

The shallower, simpler lanting tray design lends itself well as a decorative piece allowing you to create a display of fresh fruits, vegetables and cut herbs for your dining table, sideboard or kitchen island.

Explore Hogla

Whilst a lesser-known fibre, Bangladeshi seagrass Hogla offers another sturdy storage solution for the kitchen.

You can opt for our simple and minimalistic Dhaka Basket or our curvier, charming Organic Shape Basket to find the right fruit and veg storage that suits your kitchen space. You also get to choose from a selection of sizes, all of which provide a handcrafted, generous, dye-free and environmentally friendly way to store your produce.

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