Wool for summer: an essential guide

Sunny field view

Wool isn’t just for winter; thanks to its versatility, breathability and, of course, style, it’s the natural choice for your wardrobe and home every season, including summer.

Here Dapper Confidential explains why wool is the coolest companion for the warmer months:

“First, let’s start with wool as a material. No matter its iteration, it’s known as a natural insulator once temperatures drop, but when they warm up, it also performs: Particularly, merino wool has natural odour resistance and moisture-wicking properties, and feels fairly breathable at lighter weights.

As such, no matter if you’re sporting a wool blazer or socks, the supposedly heavy material actually does an excellent job keeping sweat in check.”

Wool’s naturally high sun protection factor is also the fashion industry’s best-kept secret. Yes, a thin layer of wool should follow the general mantra of shadow, sunhat, and sunscreen to keep you and your family sun safe this summer. But enough about the benefits, how can you realise the advantages right now?

Read on to discover our top tips for wearing and using wool during the summer months ahead.

A chic shawl for those summer nights

Don’t pack your 100% baby alpaca wool blanket away for the season just yet. When temperatures take a dip come evening, it might just come in handy as a chic shawl (and don’t forget, So Cosy have an absolutely gorgeous range of luxury shawls, such as this enchanting orange shawl).

Entertaining alfresco has never been so cosy with a baby alpaca wool blanket to hand. Expertly crafted using the fleece sheared during the alpaca’s very first clip, our baby alpaca wool blankets sport a silk-like softness that feels heavenly on the skin.

Its all-natural temperature regulating qualities also make it the perfect year-round accessory. It’s the summer home trend that just keeps on giving.

Shop our 100% baby alpaca blankets to discover your perfect summer cover-up.

Woodland walk

A hiking essential with a difference

You may think donning some wool socks for your summer hike is madness, yet Merino wool is an outdoor adventurer’s best friend whatever the weather outside.

Merino wool is insulating and antibacterial, which means those tootsies will stay warm, fresh, and comfortable, however hard you’re working them. Our hand-knitted Merino wool socks’ natural moisture wicking qualities improve overall comfort too.

All these plus-points make them a popular choice for hikers, trekkers, mountaineers and pretty much anyone with a love of the great outdoors.

Browse our complete range of hand-knitted socks here.

Picnic blanket

An excuse to pack the perfect picnic

Make the most of the fabulous weather by dining al fresco at every opportunity. Whether at your local park, in the back garden or the wilds far from home, there’s nothing like eating outdoors with the ones you love. All you need is a So Cosy picnic blanket to bring style and comfort to your outings.

Roll up or fold away, our picnic blankets combine the best natural materials to ensure a cosy spot wherever you’re picnicking this summer.

The outer shell is made from 100% waxed cotton to provide a waterproof, durable base. While the inner shell is crafted from 100% Pure New Wool to guarantee unrivalled luxury and comfort.

Check out our picnic blankets and start planning your spread.

A dreamy space to rest up

Your diary is certain to be packed with all the activities you just couldn’t do during lockdown. When it is time to come home and rest up, make sure you hit the hay in complete comfort by adding a pure Merino wool bedspread to your boudoir.

Natural, sustainable, and unbelievably soft, the wonder of wool shouldn’t be underestimated here.

Contrary to popular belief, wool is the perfect material for bedspreads, providing ultimate comfort all year round thanks to its breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic nature.

Discover our full range of wool bedspreads and enjoy the best sleep all summer long and beyond.

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