Take Aways from the Country Living Spring Fair

Take Aways from the Country Living Spring Fair

It’s already been a couple of weeks since the Country Living magazine Spring Fair was held. Time sure flies! We hope that every visitor (especially the ones who we gifted tickets to! ) had as good of an experience as us. The 4 days at the Business Design Centre left us with 4 great things to share:

1. Our Spring Collection was very well received

The Country Living Fair was the first show to have all of our new arrivals displayed at our stand. And they didn’t go unnoticed! Many of you commented on the wide colour range and silky quality of our Baby Alpaca products.

2. So Cosy was featured in “Tenderfoot Design

To be one of their fair highlights. We understand why – our beautiful Eida throw combines pastel khaki, levander and mint stripes with arguably one of the finest wools on Earth. It indeed makes quite a “stylish way to keep warm”
victorious bee

3. We got to see some outstanding works…

Like the ones by Victorious Bee Jewelry. We meet in shows every now and then – and are always astonished by their neat displays and simple but stylish designs. It’s always great to find likeminded people who share our passion for finest natural and ethically sourced materials.

Natural Cosmetics by El&So

4. …and forged some native bonds

We came around the El&So stand because of its attractive high quality cosmetics only to find out that it was created by a fellow Lithuanian. What are the odds! El&So is brand by and for a cosmopolitan woman who wants to stay close to nature and is inspired by her creator’s family’s history in the craft of natural skincare. We got plenty of Lithuanian-infused skincare products and went for a short vacation there to try them out against the spring sun.

Thanks for stopping by!