Take care of your wool with Steamery

Looking after wool products is easier than most people think. Whether you have a wool scarf, cushion, or blanket, you don’t need any specialist techniques to take care of those treasured and timeless staples. But having the right products to hand really does help.

Here at the House of So Cosy, we regularly partner up with fellow wool enthusiasts to ensure you have all you need to take the best possible care of your products. Our latest collaboration with Stockholm based textile engineer Steamery is making wool care simpler than ever.

Below we reveal more about the Steamery products that are set to bring a whole new lease of life to your wool accessories and homewares, and they’re all available from us.

About Steamery

Hailing from Sweden, Steamery has years of experience within the fashion industry. The brand uses this knowledge – combined with the latest Scandinavian design principles and textile technology – to develop and deliver the clever wool care products you need to make clothing and accessories last even longer. Steamery’s bread and butter is its range of steamers, which were recently the subject of this glittering review from Opumo:

“Martin Lingner and Frej Lewenhaupt founded Steamery in order to bring steamers out from the backstage of fashion shows and photo shoots and into your home or travel bag. It’s a seamless transition. We’ve been steaming a lot all in aid of this Steamery review and, if we’re being honest, it’s been a welcome relief from the burden of ironing. Essentially, steaming is fun, efficient and it comes with a number of other benefits that you might not know.”

In addition to its flagship steamers, Steamery provides an amazing selection of laundry products, of which we are stockists. All of Steamery’s products are made in a climate-neutral factory. The brand’s laundry products also use all-natural, readily biodegradable ingredients that support the planet, not just your wool items.

Washing wool – the Steamery way

Without the right care, wool garments can easily lose shape and colour. With our Steamery products however you have the innovative solutions to give your wool items the care they require every time you freshen them up.

The first incredible product in our Steamery range is their Delicate Wash. As well as sporting an enchanting and unique wild rose and musk scent, this mild yet highly concentrated detergent is made to nurture delicate items made from wool (including alpaca wool) and silk. This makes it the perfect investment for wool lovers. Natural materials like wool need to be rehydrated to stay at their best, and using natural ingredients Lanolin and silk oil, Steamery’s Delicate Wash does just that. It nourishes sensitive fabrics with its gentle formula, which contains zero bleach, optical brighteners, colorants, zeolites, phosphates and preservatives.

Steamery’s Delicate Wash uses Lanolin, a fat acid that’s extracted from sheep’s wool. Thanks to its origins, Lanolin is the perfect ingredient to lubricate your wool product’s living fibres. Lanolin also protects wool fibres for the long haul, making them naturally water and dirt repellent.

Delicate Wash provides the ultimate treatment for wool products, particularly when compared with regular enzyme-based detergents. Enzyme-based detergents actively break down the protein that is the main part of wool and silk fibres. Washing your wool in enzyme-based detergent can leave items shapeless and dull after just two washes!

Freshen up wool clothing and accessories too

Wool doesn’t generally need as much washing as everyday clothing, with spot cleaning and periodic washing recommended to take the best care of the wool items in your wardrobe and home. You can however freshen up wool clothing and accessories with a spritz of Steamery’s Clothing and Shoe Mist Spray.

Using cutting edge biotechnology, the Clothing and Shoe Mist is more than just a scented spray. It contains an active bacteria culture that refreshes textiles by removing unwanted odours and keeping them fresh for the long term. The Clothing and Shoe Mist is made for use on sensitive fibres like wool and cashmere. Its carry-on size makes it the perfect travel companion, whilst its bergamot and oak scent is just delightful.

Using Steamery’s Clothing and Shoe Mist is great for the planet too. Its ingredients are fully biodegradable and so is its recycled plastic packaging. The product’s use also means wool items need washing less, making your carbon footprint smaller as a result.