Forget hygge – everyone’s shouting about lagom home design


Our home décor is being shaped by the latest and greatest trends more than ever these days. Our homes are after all an expression of us and there’s no better way to let your personality shine through than with home furnishings and décor touches that are oh-so-you!

We’ve all heard of hygge but there’s a new Scandi trend on the block that’s currently taking over our homes.

Here, we delve deeper into the movement everyone’s shouting about – introducing the art of ‘lagom’.

What exactly is lagom?

Lagom is a new Swedish lifestyle trend that promotes a more sustainable way of living, upcycling and recycling. The concept translates as “just right”, and is built on the idea of your home and your wider life being filled with not too much yet not too little – confused yet?

The idea behind lagom is that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to lead a balanced, content life and a fulfilling existence. By living your life lagom-style, you’re taking just enough for yourself and leaving enough for others to find happiness.

Despite only recently coming into the mainstream – in the past three months lagom has been tweeted some 13,500 times and the trend was even the subject of a campaign run by Ikea – lagom is no new trend.

The concept is said to be the secret of Swedish contentment and has long been used as a philosophy to live life by as a result.

How does it differ from hygge?

Despite lagom being dubbed the ‘new hygge’, the two lifestyle trends couldn’t be more different. While hygge is all about indulgence, warmth, and cosiness, you have to be a tad more frugal to enjoy the balanced, content lifestyle lagom promises.

Another difference is that hygge focuses on enjoying moments of bliss, yet lagom concentrates on ensuring a functional balance that should be enjoyed every day.

How can I promote lagom at home?

One of the best ways to appreciate lagom is by introducing the concept to your home. Lagom puts upcycling and sustainability at the forefront of interior design, with natural, environmentally-friendly materials used to provide comfort at home.

Organisation and minimalism are also key to living lagom, with pared back Nordic neutrals, natural light, and live plants playing vital roles in the home aesthetic.

A lagom home doesn’t have to be bland however. In a bid to ensure interiors that last a lifetime and don’t harm the planet, lagom encourages you to invest in statement furniture pieces to complete the look. We’ll let interior design blog CSW explain more:

“When introducing Lagom into your home and decorating while inspired by the theme, place the focus on your furniture and let it do all the work.

A statement sofa and chair or an investment dining table should steal the show, while the rest of the room remains fairly neutral and clean.”

These statement pieces should preferably be upcycled. A lick of paint, touch of sandpaper and some elbow grease are all that’s needed to rejuvenate a tired coffee table or sideboard.

The use of sustainable materials is another must, with jute homewares and even washable paper placemats just some of the lagom touches that can be added to your home.

Looking for the best of both worlds?

Those wanting to enjoy a mix of hygge and lagom in their homes can do just that thanks to the wonders of wool.

As well as being cosy, warm and everything that hygge represents, wool is all-natural, extremely sustainable and the personification of lagom as a result. 

Wool bedspreads and other wool accessories can be introduced to your home to unlock many more benefits too. This includes better sleep quality and quantity, improved thermal control, enhanced durability, and exceptional comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Add some Scandi chic to your home by shopping our super cosy range today.

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