The SingleNest Hammock – Sleeping in nature never felt so good

Hammock and lovely view

We love summer, there’s no better time to get outside and experience nature. Making your outdoor adventure an overnight stay however needn’t mean shelling out for overpriced holiday accommodation when you’ve packed one of our SingleNest Hammocks!

The SingleNest Hammock is the latest phenomenon from Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) as well as our travel pick of the summer.

ENO, which was established in 1999 by the Pinholster brothers, has single-handedly revolutionised hammock design. What began in a rickety van that set up shop at festivals and community events in their home state of Florida, quickly evolved into a global brand as ENO introduced all people needed to rest easy wherever their adventure took them.

Today, US-based ENO is not just a leading supplier of innovatively designed and super comfortable hammocks and relaxation gear, but a sustainable leader in their industry.

ENO helps to protect and preserve wild places all over the world. For every hammock sold, the brand plants two trees to support farmers, revitalise the land, and provide sanctuaries for the next generation of hammock enthusiasts.

Here we take a closer look at the SingleNest Hammock and explore why it should be on your packing list whether you’re relaxing at home or holidaying away.


You don’t have to venture too far to experience all the perks of the SingleNest. Setting up your SingleNest Hammock in your backyard is a fun experience that all the family can enjoy this summer.

Our outdoor spaces have to be more entertaining than ever these days. With lockdown restrictions easing and summer underway, there are more opportunities to grab life by the horns, make up for lost time, catch up with loved ones, and entertain your way.

Adding one of our SingleNest Hammocks to an underutilised corner of the garden is a great way to transform your outdoor space into the restful and fun place that it should be. Relax in pure comfort and take in your surroundings by day, and socialise and entertain from a cosy spot in your garden at night.


Sleeping in nature has never been easier with the SingleNest Hammock. In addition to being a great way to enjoy the very best of the season and connect with nature, sleeping outdoors is beneficial for your health as Time details:

“Spending time in nature can work wonders for human health, from lowering blood pressure and stress hormones to sparking feelings of awe. Growing research suggests it may also improve sleep by resetting our internal clocks to a natural sleep cycle. A new study released in the journal Current Biology adds to that evidence by showing the sleep-promoting benefits of the great outdoors.”

The SingleNest is made from super soft, super strong and fast-drying 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta too, so you’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep wherever you hang your hammock for the night.


Test the strength of those triple-stitched seams by enjoying another SingleNest perk. There’s nothing more satisfying than swinging in a hammock after all, with the motion providing an intensely relaxing feeling whether you’re in the back garden or far from home.


The SingleNest Hammock is so much more than a comfy and convenient place to rest your head when the sun goes down.

It’s a safe and secure cocoon that enables you to keep your treasured possessions close to you. Its built-in compression sack doubles as a handy storage solution when you’re hanging out.


You can hit the road with very little luggage with this travel companion in tow. Amazingly, and despite the space and comfort it offers, the SingleNest compresses down to the size of an orange, providing a compact, lightweight accessory that doesn’t take up tons of space in your backpack.

With the SingleNest, you can head off on your adventure with confidence and minus the weight of a much heavier, traditional sleeping bag.


As the name suggests, the SingleNest is designed for one, which is great news if you’re looking to enjoy a bit of me-time on your travels or at home.

Discover why you won’t want to share your SingleNest Hammock with anyone by browsing our SingleNest Hammocks today.