Top Tips on Decorating Your Home This Winter

As winter is almost upon us, we wanted to share our top decorating tips for the season! So sit back with a hot chocolate and a notepad and get ready for some inspiration…


Candles are a great addition to the home all year round but they can make a home extra special during winter time. With less natural light around, lighting candles throughout your home can brighten up your space whilst keeping it cosy at the same time. There are a variety of scented candles on offer at this time of year, all designed to make your home feel festive. Spiced pumpkin, winter berries, mulled wine, orange and fig, candy apple and cinnamon are just a few of the scents that are popular at this time of year.


Bed Linen

One of the easiest ways to change-up your home for winter is to concentrate on your bedroom decor. And you don’t have to do much – a simple change of the bed sheets to reflect the wintery weather outside will help you to inject some of the season into your home. Whether it’s red sheets or a grey throw, changing your bed linen can definitely have an effect on the rest of the house.


Fairy lights, both external and internal ones, are sold all over the high street at this time of year and it’s not hard to see why! There’s just something magical about dressing your house in twinkling lights and settling down in front of the fire.


Hanging up different photos throughout the year can help you keep the decor of your house fresh. During the winter months, try canvas prints of forests full of snow to bring the outside in.


Changing your cushions is an easy way to make your home feel warm and cosy during winter. Cushions can automatically make a piece of furniture feel different. Scattering them over the sofa, positioning them on your bed or adding them to your dining room chairs can immediately change the look and feel of your space. At So Cosy we have a variety of wool cushions, all designed to make your space feel even more homely.