8 Thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts for that someone special

valentine's day concept happy couple in love with a young

Sharing the love is one thing that’s especially important these days, particularly after the difficult and uncertain year we’ve all had. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to give a thoughtful gift to that someone special.

So, without further ado, here’s our rundown of great gifts made for Valentine’s.

1. For adventurous couples

If you and your partner have been on plenty of adventures together, why not remind your loved one of those favourite destinations with this personalised Map Mountain?

This custom artwork can be personalised with up to four cities. It can be further tailored with the significant names or dates that will jog their memories and get thoughts of those good times flowing.

The Map Mountain is available in a multitude of sizes and frame options so you’re certain to find a style that looks beautiful in your home.

2. For the music lovers

If music is more your thing then this Personalised Metallic Sound Wave Song Print from MixPixie will make the perfect gift.

The UK based company specialises in unique and thoughtful gifts with a musical edge, meaning that favourite song or the tune that always gets you and your partner on the dancefloor can be immortalised in print.

All you have to do is name that special song and its artist, and personalise with your names or a significant date.

Choose from a range of sound wave colours (including gold, copper, teal and trendy rose gold), background colours and framing options for a fully customisable Valentine’s Day gift.

3. For an everyday reminder

A personalised keepsake that can be worn daily is always a good way to go when shopping for Valentine’s gifts.

This handmade Vertical Bar Necklace looks the part and can be adorned with a custom engraving.

You can mark a special date in Roman numerals or remind them of a location that you both hold dear with coordinates.

4. For a much-needed cuddle

Whether you live together or not, an opportunity for a warm hug will never not be appreciated. What better way to give your loved one just that than with one of our stunning wool blankets or throws?

Made from super-soft and sustainable alpaca wool, Gotland pure new wool, Merino wool or a luxurious wool mix, our blankets and throws are beautiful ways to up the comfort in any room of the home, while providing a great companion for frosty winter nights.

5. For long-distance lovers

If there are miles separating you and your special someone, we’ve got the gadget for you! The Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set will help you stay connected with your long-distance partner. We’ll let Metro explain how:

“The Long Distance Touch Bracelet, a waterproof silicone band that comes in a set of two, allows you to send a ‘bond touch’ to your distant beloved.

The matching bracelet illuminates and vibrates, so they’ll know you’re on their mind. You can even create 10-tap rhythms as a sort of secret code. Who knew Morse code would be back in such a sweet way?”

The bracelet set has received rave reviews from users, with many noting that it helps to reduce anxiety when that special someone can’t be around.

6. For the scent of home

If Covid-19 has seen your loved one spend a longer period away from home, then a familiar scent from Homesick will be a very special treat indeed.

Homesick is known for creating scented candles that give people poignant reminders of certain destinations.

They’ve even rolled out scents from all over the globe to help you indulge your loved one in a special moment or shared memory.

Their Valentine’s range also provides scents for every romantic occasion from the reading of a love letter to a cosy date night.

7. For that feel-good feeling

Mindfulness matters, and helping your loved one make it part of their daily routine is simple with the right gift. We love this The Magic Is In You Wellness Journal from Papier, which offers 12 weeks of reflective guidance to promote that feel-good feeling.

8. For a love that’s out of this world

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be big or expensive, take this small but perfectly formed Universe Message Bottle from Bombus as an example. The Valentine’s gift can be personalised to create the perfect miniature keepsake for him or her.

Images: maxbelchenko / Shutterstock.com, j.chizhe / Shutterstock.com