The big summer clear out: it all starts with your wardrobe

inside wardrobe

Spring may be over for one year but the start of a new season signals another opportunity to get a handle on your wardrobe.

Clearing out your closet every few months doesn’t just keep you seasonally in tune and stylish, it keeps clutter to a minimum so you can embrace clarity in every part of your life.

Studies have shown that keeping clutter under control unlocks a number of positives for your health and wellbeing. Clutter can, after all, leave you feeling stressed, unmotivated, and unproductive. It can even influence what you eat, with those living in cluttered environments more prone to unhealthy food choices.

Your wardrobe is the perfect place to begin your big summer clear out, but choosing what to keep hold of and what to donate isn’t easy for most people.

In this blog post, we reveal the golden rules of streamlining your closet, and detail how to decide which items to keep and which to find new homes for.

Start with the right mindset

You may not feel that clearing out your closet is a task that requires much preparation but mentally preparing to let go is a huge undertaking.

To get started with the right frame of mind ask yourself why you are clearing out your closet. Is it to make way for the new seasonal must-haves that you’ve had your eye on? Is it to finally take control of your overflowing wardrobe? Or is it simply to make it easier and quicker to get ready in the morning?

Whatever your ‘why’, try not to think of it as a chore. Instead consider it the ultimate detox for your body, mind and soul.

Recognise the positives of streamlining your wardrobe, and if things do get overwhelming in the midst of your closet clear-out, come back to these to focus your mind once more.

Take a trip down memory lane

Thinking back on the time that you last wore an item will give you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether to keep or donate it. If you haven’t worn a certain piece for a number of years, chances are you won’t again.

When donating these lesser-used clothes, think about the positives. You’re not ‘binning’ the item, you’re giving it the chance to be ‘rehomed’ and worn by someone who loves it as much as you once did.

Choose perfect fits for you and your lifestyle

Saying “goodbye” to items that don’t fit you is another must when clearing out your closet for the new season ahead and beyond. But you should ask yourself whether the item suits your lifestyle too? Stylist explains more about this poignant question:

“If your Saturday nights are now more dinner and theatre than a 90s pop night, it’s time to let those body-con dresses go. If you’re now wearing sleek suits on the 9-5, then those black shirts from your old hospitality job need to find a new home. Don’t be afraid to let go of the pieces that defined the old you and make space for the woman you are now to shine through.”

Recognise those timeless pieces

There are certain to be several pieces that you wear time and time again, year after year, in your wardrobe. These timeless pieces should be held onto and can even give you comfort for many more years to come.

As the Global Wardrobe Study found wool items are kept for the longest, and so they should be! Wool is a natural material that works wonders for the planet whilst providing a soft and luxurious look from season to season. It’s also getting more fashionable, with the sale of wool items on the rise for both men and women.

Even wool garments that have fallen out of fashion are more likely to be given a second chance through donation or resale.

Give your ‘to keep’ pile a new lease of life

Wool items, in particular, need a helping hand to stay in tip-top condition, so before you throw that overly worn jumper in the donation bag, consider whether it could be spruced up and worn some more.

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