Why we love weighted blankets – and you should too!

Enjoying a warm blanket

The quest for tranquillity and a truly restful night’s sleep will be a mission for many right now as we make the transition from the cooler seasons into spring and summer. Creating your very own cosy cocoon however offers a simple yet effective solution for those in search of better sleep, and one way to do just that rather easily is with a weighted blanket.

Crafted using natural materials and carefully calibrated in terms of weight, these blankets deliver pressure in all the right places to unlock a number of hugely therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. Weighing between 5 and 30 pounds, weighted blankets have the power to transform restless nights into peaceful slumbers.

Here we explore how and what rewards you can reap by bringing a natural weighted blanket into your home…

A way to soothe stress and anxiety

Sleep quality and your mental health are intrinsically linked, with poor sleep going hand-in-hand with high stress levels as a result.

By now we all know the connection between wool and wellness, yet weighted blankets go further. Offering a soothing night’s sleep using the science of deep touch pressure therapy, weighted blankets apply gentle pressure to provide so much more than a hug in blanket form. They actually stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine for the ultimate feel-good factor.

These feel-good chemicals promote relaxation, instil a sense of security and calm, regulate mood, and alleviate anxiety to pave the way to better sleep and a less stressful life.

Sounder sleep for long term sufferers

For those struggling with chronic conditions like insomnia, a natural weighted blanket can be a real game-changer.

By promoting that deep, restorative sleep we mentioned earlier, these blankets help you to effortlessly slip into your comfort zone, and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The soothing pressure has enabled sufferers of insomnia and other sleep disorders to transition into sleep more easily and reduce nighttime awakenings.

Helping individuals find comfort everyday

It’s not just during the nighttime hours that weighted blankets come in handy. For those with sensory processing disorders or sensitivities, navigating everyday stimuli can become overwhelming. A weighted blanket however can be used as a gentle yet powerful tool to ensure everyday life is more predictable, comfortable and manageable.

The deep pressure provided by weighted blankets calms the nervous system to offer a sense of grounding and security that makes the world a less intimidating place.

Caring for you from the inside out

A natural weighted blanket goes beyond sleep and stress relief to contribute to that overall feeling of wellbeing that everyone wants to achieve. With a greater level of comfort and relaxation, these blankets promote mindfulness and self-care rather simply, encouraging you to prioritise your physical and mental health like never before.

The physical benefits of adding pressure through weight have also been proven to unlock several advantages for those suffering with chronic pain as Healthline explains:

“Chronic pain is a challenging diagnosis. But people who live with chronic pain may find relief through the use of weighted blankets. A 2021 study done by researchers at UC San Diego found weighted blankets reduced perceptions of chronic pain. Ninety-four participants with chronic pain used either a light or weighted blanket for one week. Those in the weighted blanket group found relief, particularly if they also lived with anxiety.”

So, is a weighted blanket right for you?

Weighted blankets have already been used to help so many people, including those with anxiety, autism, ADHD, sleep disorders and chronic pain. They promote restful sleep, provide relief from stress, and essentially offer cosy cocoons that are sanctuaries of serenity in an increasingly hectic world.

Everyone can discover the joy, comfort and relief of a weighted blanket, and you can too. Shop our collection of natural blankets and throws today.