Which size throw is right for you?


Here at So Cosy, we offer a fabulous range of all-natural homewares and accessories, including nature’s most wonderful blankets and throws.

Using all-natural fibres, we’ve been able to design and craft a whole heap of stunning styles, each of which is as cuddly and comforting as the last. In addition to presenting a selection of natural fibres to choose from and a wide range of styles, from timeless and elegant to modern and patterned, our variety of sizes provides plenty of food for thought. So, which size throw is right for you?

For little ones

Whether you’re looking to gift pure comfort to your child or your ‘fur-baby’, our more petite knee blankets are the perfect choice for the littlest ones in your family unit.

Wool is a particularly excellent fibre for young children, with even the teeniest and tiniest benefiting from its natural goodness as these findings from the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) revealed:

“Weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when they slept on a wool underlay instead of a cotton sheet, researchers have found. Jaundiced newborns sleeping on wool were more settled and cried less than those sleeping on cotton, other research revealed. In a study of Australian pre-school children on bedding fabrics and underlays, children who slept in any synthetic bedding in summer or winter were more likely to be reported as having a sleep problem, than those who slept in cotton or wool.”

You can find further research and information on why wool is best for baby here. Our Evelyn and Enya blankets are just two So Cosy designs offering smaller proportions that deliver comfort and warmth to little ones, and they’re all made from 100% baby alpaca wool.

For sofas and cosy nooks

When accessorising sofas, armchairs and cosy nooks, size certainly matters. You want a throw or blanket you can really nestle into, a fact that makes our generous 130 x 200cm creations the very best option size-wise.

Measuring in at over 6-feet in length, these throws are made for snuggling, and wherever you do that, you can do so in style! These sizable blankets and throws are available in varying fibres, colours and styles, from our earthy toned Dakota blankets to our delicately patterned yet utterly perfect Shady throw. Both of these designs also come with coordinating cushions, meaning you can complete your ultra-cosy look to perfection.

For the bedroom

Wool throws make incredible bedspreads too, and unlock so many benefits for sleep quality and quantity in the process. Our wool and linen bedspreads boast impressive sizes to complement this use too, swamping even king-size beds to ensure every inch is covered with the happiest warmth.

Whether opting for a linen or wool bedspread, you are certain to notice a positive difference. As well as being crafted using the most sustainable and biodegradable fibres on the planet, linen and wool bedding is naturally temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, durable, built to last, and super easy to maintain.

Contrary to popular belief, wool and linen bedspreads are also ideal for year-round use, keeping you cool, fresh and comfortable in the summer, and warm, toasty and cosy during winter.

Shop all sizes today

The examples above represent just a tiny proportion of the sizes and styles we offer. You can discover our full collection and complete range of throw sizes by shopping with us today. The problem will be choosing just one throw or blanket to take home with you!